Oops!!! India’s Generation Leap💜

INDIA is not only a country but it is a very huge family of cultural and hierarchical society. Whether men or women, north Indian or south Indian, Hindu or Muslim, urban or village, rich or poor every single person leads a divergent life here. Similarly when we talk about this generation or our parents generation or our grandparents generation (specifically in India) many things have considerably changed. After-all times change and we change with them and also when water remains in one place it spoils so in short people a change was necessary but it’s also true that excess of anything is bad.

So, basically I will try to cover all the different types of generation vaults(leaps) between our three generations to which you all can connect to(not under 1 blog as fortunately or unfortunately there are too many differences😂).

1.Population a big mess.

Well, we all know about the term family planning and population explosion. But do everyone know that the main reason for population explosion is coming from our grandparents generation. There was a huge difference between a son and a daughter during that time which has obviously changed coming to our generation. Earlier, during 70s and 80s and much before that even if a family is having 4 daughters and can no more financially support any more children, they opt to have a 5th child, according to them hopefully a boy who can carry on their family’s name to further generations. Doesn’t it sound hilarious when people are complaining about population explosion as the country’s problem of overpopulation had already started during our great grand father’s time because of the partiality between male and female child. Thankfully there is not much difference between a boy and girl in this century(taking only the urban areas.)

2. Jobs opportunities and it’s ramification

There is a huge difference between our 3 generations if we compare job scope and satisfaction. Talking about job scope and requirements in 2019 for a person aged between 25-30 are :

  • 20 years of job experience by the time you reach 27.
  • Must be fluent in speaking and can deal with all types of animals(be a cat or lion), extra preference will be given to a person who can deal with snakes.
  • Must work for 18 to 19 hours with a salary of 18,000.
  • Must have contributed in the construction of Great wall of China even before you are born.
  • Must follow all orders and give efforts in completing all projects with a smile😄 even if at the end all the credit goes to your seniors or boss.

There are many more such qualifications in demand today which are too much if we compare with the golden period of our grandfathers time. The job satisfaction and opportunities are decreasing generation after generation. It is obvious that people from previous generations be it our parents or grandparents, they all were happier than us. People of 21st generation are not that happy but are more stressed because of higher expectations and competitions after-all there is no rose without a thorn.

3.Love vs Lust

Grand-people’s generation had too much restrictions and boundaries for these problems to exist even love was only possible after marriage. But today’s story is something different. I am super sorry and disappointed to say this but its true that in this younger generation those 3 beautiful words ‘I Love You’ has lost it’s true meaning and value. Like many people give more importance to sexual attraction than to the genuine feelings so they actually mistake lust for love(sharing of nudes,sexting etc are great examples of lustfulness.). Nowadays you must have seen on social media that people are writing “He is my world” or “She is my queen” but don’t you think these youngster can make their own universe or kingdom by the time they get married just an assumption. If you have true feelings for some one then why to show off. True love does exist in 21st century but it is now found much less than compared to other generations. (With no intention to hurt anyone,it’s not for all.)

4. The Tale of Marriage

“Marriage is not only a bond between 2 people and souls instead it is also a bond between two families.” This is what I guess our grandparents mean by marriage. During their time only arrange marriage existed and when someone asked about love in their marriage they say that it happens slowly and automatically after marriage. Their generation used to have so many restrictions that without knowing (not even seeing) the person they used to get married according to their parents will.

Same thing used to happen during our parents generation but there where certainly little more liberties and love marriage was too a possibility. But our generation is completely different. People are opting to date their life partner to know them well before getting married. Here, this generation provides many liberties and love\arranged marriage both are accepted in majority cases.

To be continued😊…………..

With no intention to hurt anyone.

Thank you for reading.😄


Published by Ava Tripathy

Let me introduce myself, I'm a human searching for reality without losing morality. My name is Ava, more precisely Ava Tripathy, the face behind the blog Avem. Humorist Indian by Nature and Sarcasm in Vein. Unpredictable and absolutely a philosophical one.

19 thoughts on “Oops!!! India’s Generation Leap💜

  1. Well written Madam.. Partially agree to some of the points you mentioned.
    1. Regarding overpopulation, it’s not merely the patriarchal mindset of the boomers era (favouring male child over female child) which caused population explosion. Many a times the causes are religion (yes, religion), economic condition, sense of security (given high rate of infant and child mortality in olden times)
    2. Jobs: Earlier there were hardly any jobs. These days there are many jobs which people hardly want to do (20 hours per day at INR 10000)
    3. Love or Lust: The main problem with India is the lack of sex education and repression. The nonsensical things like sexts, harassment, porn or obscene videos can be eliminated to a large extent if parents and society teach children to learn the science and hygiene of sex instead of stigmatizing it as if someone committed a murder. Even crimes against women can be avoided to a large extent.
    4. Marriage: Everyone thinks it’s always “happily ever after”. Yes, people who find compatibility in life do love each other and support each other in times of need. A marriage is a union of two imperfect people, trying to care for each other. And to err is human. So it’s a mixed bag and not a bed of roses, just like life itself is.
    Great to see such engaging posts. Thank you for sharing.. 😊


  2. Hey this one is amazing, I want u to write the next installment soon, I like the lines which u used in context to Jobs, especially the skill to deal with lions, snakes etc and also that point of constructing China wall, 20yrs of exp at 20
    ..very sharp at us words but you said in the most light words, like what we see in Raju hirani’s movies.

    Liked by 2 people

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