Dream A Dream🌸

Hold on to your dreams very tight,
Use all your might,
So that they stay within your sight,
And work as light to make your life bright.

Let your dreams creep,
Into your soul deep,
Or someone else will make your dreams sweep,
And then you will only weep!

Life without dreams is like a barren field,
Everything frozen with snow
And people may not even know,
That a life without dreams can never grow!

Transform your heart and dreams into gold,
Which should never be sold,
Even if told,
By the mighty and bold!

Don’t let anyone take your dreams as a delusion,
Even if it’s just a mere illusion!
Make yourself a promise of trying your best,
Then only you can leave on God the rest.

-Ava Tripathy

Thank you for Reading😊.

Dreams are important.So, keep on dreaming and fulfill all your dreams guys!!! What are your views about dreams? Share in the comments below……would love to know your opinion!!!

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106 thoughts on “Dream A Dream🌸

    1. As a human being if one or some of our dreams remain incomplete, we should not and cannot stop dreaming and lose the will to complete…
      Be motivated,optimistic and work each day towards achieving ur goals and dreams……
      Thank you for sharing your views 😊

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  1. “Let your dreams creep,
Into your soul deep,
Or someone else will make your dreams sweep,
And then you will only weep!”
    I totally agree with that Ava👆because when you don’t move someone else might move you. Your goals should help you move closer to your dream and when you fulfill your dreams, you become fulfilled. Really appreciate this!

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  2. Hey! I hope all is well. I have nominated you for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award! You deserve recognition for all the hard work you put into your blog! Check out my recent post ❤️ Participation is completely option. Take care!

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  3. I am a day dreamer i can relate this post with me.dreams don’t let anyone feel lonely .Dreams have their own world which is sometimes more beautiful then the world in which we are living. It does not have any end . Beautiful poem!

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