5 Morning Hacks To Keep You Motivated All Day Long☀️.

You need to think of yourself as a fighter jet and apply some level of discipline to your mornings to overcome at least some level of negativity during this global crisis. If your first message to yourself in the morning is that you can be lazy and your day doesn’t matter, you’re going to struggle the rest of the day to find motivation and energy.Some easy morning hacks will help you stay focused and productive during this time.

Good morning Sunshine,to help you out, here are my top five morning routine hacks to help you dominate your day and grow into a more positive and happier person.

1.Drink A Glass Of Water.

To keep your body hydrated and refreshed,it’s very necessary to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up.It’s a very healthy practice as it gives a boost to your body to wake up.

2.Practice Meditation Or Yoga.

To make you feel cool,calm and relaxed all day long it’s truly necessary to start your day with meditation or yoga.While doing Yoga, attention is focused on thoughts and breath. Being aware of breathing automatically controls the thought process and thus relaxes mind completely.It definitely helps to improve a person’s mental well-being.

3.Learn To Thank & Show Gratitude.

It’s very important to pray & thank god for each day we get to live.Some days can be difficult, and we may not feel our best for whatever reason.But,we should always believe in God and and never stop hoping.It’s okay to feel down and negative,it happens with everyone from time to time.Try to find some inspiration or positivity around you;Try to learn from your situation,which will eventually help you grow.

4.Get Clear With Your Goals For Each & Every Day.

Plan and chalk out the things you want to do for the day.Be consistent and intentional on what you want to do and achieve for the day.You need to clear yourself from all the negativity and bring your focus to do something constructive which you intend to complete that day.So,basically make a timetable for yourself.

5.Avoid Social-Media.

Staying away from social-media not only during these days but also in general will bring a lot of positive aspects in your life.Social media is a large platform which has the power to spread fake and illogical news in seconds.Just going through bad news can be enough to affect the next few hours of the day, if not the full day. Avoid it at all costs and by all means.Instead, invest your time in reading a novel,listen to your favorite music, podcast or an audio book etc,which will eventually lighten up your mind and soul. 

The war against Covid-19 won’t be over soon, not next month or even the month after next. Perhaps not until we will have a vaccine, which experts say could be more than a year from now. Let’s be honest with one another: despite it being necessary, being stuck at home sucks.Setting up a routine can be challenging at first, especially if you don’t know where to start.But once you do it and it becomes a habit you will start enjoying your day.

Stay Safe and Be Positive Everyone!!!

Thanks for Reading😊.

What are your favorite morning hacks to get you in the right mindset? Share in the comments below!

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