The HumGrum Brothers🌷

Humble is never sad but Grumble is always mad,
Humble is always happy causing Grumble to be dappy,
Humble is of moral nature but Grumble forms an immoral creature,
Humble is so meek, making Grumble look so weak.

You two brothers from the same mother,
How can you be so different from each other!!!
Humble is like a dove full of love, while Grumble is nothing like Humble.
Grumble you make your twin a winner, making yourself look like a sinner.

Why do you always frown making your brother take away the crown?
Why do you have to behave like a mental, when your twin is so gentle?
It’s time to make your mood to be good,
Or you won’t be able to explain when you stumble upon Humble one Day.

O Please Grumble be humble today,
Following your twin is a must or you will turn to dust!
And Humble never grumble, I pray
Or grumble will make you like Grumble one day!

Only if I knew Grumble and Humble are identical twins,
I won’t have dared to squeak or freak!!!
We should fear to let Grumble near,
Because he is a stranger full of danger.

-Ava Tripathy.

Thank you for Reading😊.

Wishing you a happy and great day ahead😊.

So,this was a small try to depict the story of two brothers Humble & Grumble. What are your views about being humble? Share in the comments below…would love to know your opinion!!!

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