The Law Of Diminishing Gratitude❌

Hey everyone, today I am going to share a short story with you all about a hunter which I had recently heard.

There once was a very successful hunter that was well known across the whole kingdom. In the same kingdom, there was also a special species of deer that no one was able to catch. The king put out the biggest bounty there ever was for anyone that could bring at least one dear back dead or alive for him to mount as a trophy. The hunter decided to take up the king’s offer and before leaving on his quest stopped at the town square and loudly and mockingly as possible said “I’m grateful for this easy task. I really don’t understand how no one else could have caught this beast.”

The hunter went on his way tracking the deer. After two days of tracking, he suddenly realized that he lost his way deep inside the jungle. He used all his navigation skills but neither did he find any way out of the jungle nor could he find any food to eat for 8 days at a stretch. He started feeling so damn hungry that he could eat an entire elephant at one go. Disappointed, he lost all hope. And when he was ready to give up he suddenly noticed an apple tree. He collected as many apples as he could carry to feed him for the rest of his search.

As he ate the 1st apple, his joy knew no bounds and he just couldn’t stop feeling grateful and blessed. He thanked life. He thanked God. He could not believe his luck when he ate the 1st apple but he was less grateful while having the 2nd apple and even less grateful when he had the 5th apple. Somehow, with each passing apple, the hunger wouldn’t go away and the joy kept on reducing drastically. When he started eating the 10th apple he felt disgusted and dropped all the remaining apples and continued with his quest for the uncatchable deer.

The 10th apple did not lack taste, it did not lack the potential to satisfy his hunger but the only thing lacking was his gratitude for finding food in the middle of the jungle.The 10th apple is as sweet as the first apple. If the 10th apple fails to give you as much pleasure as the first one, nothing is wrong with the apple, but with the person enjoying the fruit. If you get bored on a dull day, it is not because the day is dull and boring. It is because your gratitude has become dull and boring.

Ways To Have A Right Attitude Towards Gratitude.

  • It is necessary to count your blessings.
  • Try to invest yourself and your thoughts in positive things and move away from negativity.
  • Learn to focus on what you want and what you get.
  • You should start saying Thank you more often.
  • Learn not to grumble and use the word “IF” all the time-it only increases negativity and shows our lack of gratitude.
  • Have faith in your Lord.

We all strive everyday to be better and to have more. But there will be times in our lives when we should stop, take a look around and appreciate where we ended up until this very moment. Sometimes we get more than what we deserve and sometimes just the opposite. But in every way we should thank God for giving us the gift of life which is not always given to everyone. Remember that we are lucky enough to have a house which we can call home, we are lucky enough to have people who love us and whom we love around us and we are lucky enough to breath the air which is also a gift from the Lord. So, it’s time for us to be grateful for everything we possess and everything we have experienced. Stay humble and true to yourself. We should never let the ‘10th apple effect’ make us take our gifts of life for granted. We should promise that we will never let our gratitude for life fade away.

Thanks For Reading😊.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts about ‘Being Grateful & Showing Gratitude’. I’d love to hear from you.

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