A Letter To The Monster🎭

Photo by David Fagundes from Pexels

Dear Anger,

I don’t know why you love me so much,
My soul hates when you touch.
Why don’t you leave me alone,
Words by you hurts more than breaking bone.
You make me feel wrong,
Whenever you say you will make me strong.
My mind is not where you belong,
You need to end like a song.

With you comes frustration and pain,
You tie us both with chain,
Controlling you causes my energy drain.
When you come I’m no more sane,
All my requests to you go in vain,
Heart stops and you control my brain
By doing this what do you gain?
I won’t let you control me again!

When you go,
Realization comes to me slow
How to apologize, I don’t know,
I only have a guilty face to show.
For the pain caused by you,
I never know what to do,
But I can’t keep you and ego above,
Than the people whom I love.

I don’t know why I listen to you,
Why I accept the things you make me do,
You always come out of blue,
We are not same I’ll prove that to you.
You are a monster in me,
Now that I can clearly see,
I won’t forcefully with you agree,
I will fight and make myself free!


Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

-Mark Twain.

Thank you for reading 😊.

Feel free to share your views and thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to know your point of views….

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186 thoughts on “A Letter To The Monster🎭

    1. Well welcome to wordpress ma’m😊
      I am not gaining anything right now becoz I have not selected the paid option yet
      But I’m planning to do soon as I can see my site stable😊
      Happy blogging!!!!


  1. Wow! This is called self introspection!
    “But I can’t keep you and ego above,
    Than the people whom I love.” This line is my favourite!
    And the quote is thoughtful indeed.
    Someone had once told me that whenever we blast with anger a nerve in our brain damages. Though we’ve millions and millions of nerves but still each is our own and we should take care of them by alleviating as much anger as we can.
    Your post has filled me with HOPE.

    Liked by 3 people

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