Emotions You Might Feel But Can’t Explain

Humans have the amazing ability to feel emotions that are so profound and complex, that we sometimes have a hard time in expressing ourselves through language and other means of communication. It can be frustrating when you feel something you can’t quite understand or explain. Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”

― Helen Keller

Today I am going to tell you about 13 such emotions which we humans feel but don’t understand what and how to express.


Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Have you ever felt the desire of wanting something bad happen to you? Well, this feeling of wanting to be struck by disaster is called lachesism. This form of emotion is triggered by our deep dark impulse from within to be struck by tragedy so that it can push us to test the boundaries of our patience and courage.


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It is the feeling of sudden realization that each of the person around us is probably living a life as realistic, hard and complex as our own and you cannot completely know a person. You can only know the part of their life story which they show and want you to know.


Photo by George Shervashidze from Pexels

Do you often feel that you should stop worrying and relax, so that you can enjoy your life more ? If yes, then you have certainly experienced liberosis. It’s the desire to care less about the things around you. It’s the feeling to fly high and free like a bird without being afraid of the end zone.


Photo by Masha Raymers from Pexels

Mauerbauertraurigkeit is defined as the sudden feeling of wanting to push people away and put your defenses back up. It often happens when we let our insecurities tell us we’re not good enough and feel afraid that if other people saw us for who we really were, they’d reject us. I know it’s difficult to pronounce😂.


Photo by Marcelo Fernandes from Pexels

A sense of sadness one experiences when realizing that one won’t live to see the future is called ellipsism. It is a feeling which is mostly misinterpreted as curiosity or inquisitiveness, but really, it refers to a desire to understand the world and to know what will happen in the future.


This the what you call the feeling which you get when you are unable to sleep for some reason. It is the feeling of a recurring thought which strikes you only late in the night. Maybe it occurs due to some unfinished task, nagging guilt etc which you have not finished or acknowledged.


Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

It’s the feeling that no matter what you do is always somehow wrong. Paro is the feeling which you get, when you make any attempt to make your way comfortably through the world and realize that it will only end up by crossing some invisible problem.

Hanker Sore

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

Every felt the attraction force with someone instantly, that too very strong? Hanker Sore is the feeling of finding a person so attractive that it actually pisses you off and makes you feel angry at them for some reason.This is an emotion which most of us will find difficult to admit. It’s different from jealousy in the sense that it’s subtler and more subconscious. 


Photo by Kam Pratt from Pexels

It is the frustration of being stuck in just one body, that inhabits only one place at a time. It refers to the awareness of how little of the world you will ever be able to experience. Onism represents those unfulfilled desires and goals we fear we might never achieve before we die.


Photo by Maurício Mascaro from Pexels

This is a hypothetical conversation that you play out over and over in your head. It is defined as the feeling of wanting to have a conversation with someone in your head. While it may sound somewhat strange, it’s something most people have experienced a number of times in their lives. Did you ever want to get something off your chest but didn’t have the courage to say it? Or is there something you let someone know but never got the chance to? That’s jouska, and it’s a feeling you get when you want to give yourself closure for something that was never resolved in your life.


Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

It’s a moment of awareness that someone you’ve known for years still has a private and mysterious inner life, and somewhere in the hallways of their personality is a door locked from the inside, a stairway leading to a wing of the house that you’ve never fully explored.


Monachopsis means feeling out of place for some reason. It can happen even when you’re some place familiar or surrounded by your friends and family. You don’t understand it, but you just can’t shake the feeling that you don’t belong here or you don’t fit in with everyone else. That’s monachopsis.

Catoptric Tristesse

Photo by Austin Guevara from Pexels

It is the feeling of the sadness that you’ll never really know what other people think of you, whether good, bad or if at all. Wanting to the approval and acceptance of others is something all of us feel burdened by, which is probably why we all struggle with catoptric tristesse from time to time as well.

“The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…”

― Nicholas Sparks, 

Thank you for reading 😊.

Feel free to share your views and thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to know your point of view….

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26 thoughts on “Emotions You Might Feel But Can’t Explain

  1. “Painting with all the colors of the wind”, Ava, Lyrics
    From the Movie “Pocohantas” as My Wife, Although
    She is Half Pacific Islander, Looks Very American
    Indian And Actually Is Mistaken For East Indian
    And Mexican And Just About Every
    Country Where the Humans
    Are A Bit More Tan
    Than Northern
    European Like
    Me Mostly Now
    Although.. Yes i Do
    Have Ancestors from
    South India And Even
    Nigeria from the 1800’s
    As my 23andMe Chromosome
    Test identifies But yes only 1.6 Percent
    As the Rest Is Northern European… my Grandfather
    An X-Catholic Priest born in Ireland… Next stop
    United States in the 1930’s.. Anyway.. We Will
    Surely Paint the Colors of the Wind in
    Every Way We Dance And Sing
    Free.. and My Goodness
    Scientist Simon
    Baron Cohen
    Maps Now 412
    Human Emotions
    Just From Our Different
    Facial Expressions We
    Communicate to Each Other
    And When We Add All our
    Communication That Sings
    Our Vocal Chord Strings
    And Beats the Drum
    of our HeARTS We
    Map and
    These Newer Emotions
    Sensory Integrating Life too..
    How Beautiful Life Will Be Now
    Better in Touch With Emotions
    We Experience And Even New
    Ones We May Still Experience
    Yet to Grow Specific Mapped Names Now..:)

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      1. Congrats Will Love
        To See Evolution of
        Your Creativity Grow
        For Years on WordPress
        I’ve Seen So many
        People give up
        Their Creative
        To The World
        As Sadly
        We May
        Get Lost
        As A Cog
        In A Machine
        Without Colors
        We Create i Highly
        Encourage You to
        Always Find A Way
        To Create Give and
        Share Part
        Of The
        Gift of The
        Art Of Your
        Soul Free to
        the 🌍 World😁

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  2. This is excellent Ava! I’ve learnt a lot from you today. Facts!!! I think I’ve experienced Nighthawk the most on this list. They’re nights I just want to keep going on especially when I’m working on my blog and my brain doesn’t shut down… lol.

    You know what? I think Gnossienne and Sonder feelings are somewhat similar. Or aren’t they?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I read a really similar post on google once and after that I started to feel sonder 😂 just coz I read about it.
    I have felt lachesim, elipsism, the unpronpuncable one, nighthawk too I guess, gnossiene (so hard to pronounce). And I have definitely felt monachopsis and in a sense katoptris one too

    Hey, I’m sorry for puting it all here 😂 you probably wouldn’t have even wanted to know. Btw, this was a fab post!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Nehal!
      There is absolutely no need to feel sorry girl
      It’s always my immense pleasure to hear from my readers and I am really glad that you could relate to it.
      Thank you so much for reading
      Stay safe and happy 😊😇

      Liked by 1 person

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