The worst thing is that nothing lasts forever.

The best thing is that nothing lasts forever.

I don’t now why but life including everything is ephemeral, though we feel it’s long enough to make our desires and aspirations FOREVER but it’s not, one day or the other every thing comes to an end. Life comes to an end, people die, structures crumble, mountains weather and most importantly our memories fade be it good or bad every thing fades away like mere ashes of a burned paper.

One day the reason behind your happiness and frustration won’t exist, your relationships will end,your enmity will also end, your depression will end. Everything including your life shall end. Sooner or later, every last echo fades. Even the loudest thunder in the deepest valley. Nothing lasts forever- this time shall too pass away like wind before we even realize. Your life has a finite span of time with infinite possibilities, sometimes life may surprise you with unexpected surprises so accept whatever comes to you with open arms.

Feeling confused or blurry ? Well, it’s absolutely fine. There is an actual reason why people say to live in the moment, it’s because nothing lasts forever! Who knows whether tomorrow you are going to live to see the sun or not. Please enjoy the moment that life has given you in the present because you never know what God has planned for you next. You cannot expect that only goody goody stuffy will happen with you, there will be times when you will experience your worst days but eventually be it good or bad, life is limited and endings are inevitable.

Mistakes are not forever, you will always get chances for redemption. You can rectify your mistakes and find ways to success. Same as the case of mistakes, success is also not forever. If one wants to remain successful then they have to first maintain it by working towards their goal each and everyday. Health is not forever, after a point of time it goes downhill still humans can make efforts to strengthen themselves. Health is wealth, so the wealth for which you struggled and invested your hardwork so much will also not last forever. You came down to the earth without anything and you will leave the earth the same way without anything. Remember, tangible assets are important but they won’t last forever, but intangible assets of your life makes you complete.

Nothing lasts forever, including love. And therefore it must be renewed from time to time in order to become firm and stronger, so as not to become bland. Treat your loved and dear ones- your friends, family and special people with utmost respect, love and care. Give them all the attention they need and deserve. Your today is your present that actually matters so treat it like one. Don’t wait until a special occasion to show the people in your life you love them-say the words and show it in your actions each and everyday because you know nothing lasts forever.

β€œThe magic fades too fast

the scent of summer never lasts

the nights turn hollow and vast

but nothing remains…nothing lasts.”

Thanks for reading 😊.

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Published by Ava Tripathy

Let me introduce myself, I'm a human searching for reality without losing morality. My name is Ava, more precisely Ava Tripathy, the face behind the blog Avem. Humorist Indian by Nature and Sarcasm in Vein. Unpredictable and absolutely a philosophical one.

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  1. A lovely topic which you actually well described πŸ™‚ According to me I strongly live for the moment as nothing is forever! But I always believe that while we live we need to do something good as much as possible. Over time we may be long gone but the good deeds we did would surely influence few others after us to continue being good and that deed which we started would be there forever and ever.

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      1. It really depends…..and even if you are a hard worker you may not always get what you want. you must have heard a saying “Life is never fair” lol.


  2. Nothing Last Forever But
    Now As Now Is All That Is
    Quantum Mechanics Suggests
    That Distance, Space, Time,
    And Even Matter
    May Be
    As Already
    Through Intuition
    For Many Thousands
    of Human Philosophical
    Spiritual Thinking Ways
    Comes to A Similar
    Meaning of Life
    Now Is
    All That
    Is And
    How We Feel
    And Sense Life
    Determines How
    We Perceive Now
    Forever Now Eternally
    Now Is A Place In Flow
    And There are most
    Definitely Ways
    of Achieving
    Flow to
    The Within
    And Of Course
    All iN Balance We
    Master What World Brings
    to Us but of course it is all in
    Our Receiving in How We Give Next
    And Persevering All The Coming Shadow
    Changes of Life As Change Is All that is Now
    Best in Balance
    of All We
    Do From
    Head to
    When Two
    Feet Become one
    To A Finger Point Now
    Eternally Now Real..
    A Within Place indeed
    And No One Will Fully
    Show Us What Eternal
    Now Is LooKinG WiTHIN
    SeeKinG Finding Many Folks Do iN Flow
    Makes it so much Better to Field all the
    Balls that come our Way From this
    of Fields
    We are
    Ocean Whole
    YeS LoVE NoW
    GiVinG SHaRinG Free..:)

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  3. Lovely writing and personal insights. For me I would say kindness lasts forever even if I know not the benefit of it.

    I want to attribute to another the below but not sure who and still it brings the case that kindness lasts forever.

    A tree produces fruit with seeds. The tree doesn’t know which fruit will fall to the ground and those that will be taken away by animal or human for enjoyment. A tree just does. But who can deny the good kindness of the tree?

    So the tree does die, some in a few years, some in hundreds of years. But the fruits of the tree live on and on. Does the tree, now returned to the earth, know of the multiplicity of kindness?

    The tree doesn’t have to know. She just knows she gave her fruit.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your views sir!
      I think this theory is absolutely correct, I agree with it but don’t you think this unlimited kindness is restricted to plants and animals and not humans.
      I will justify by saying it is often said that if we are too kind as humans others try to take unjustified benefits from us. So, whom should we show kindness- to ourselves or to others?


  4. The way you started it with those two conflicting lines, is just so true. Nothing last forever can be both a tragic way to see it and also a blessing. Life doesn’t last forever but so does pain.

    Very insightful peace.

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  5. Great and truthful post. My training was centered on “This is it” as a koan. I finally got it much later in life. It isn’t trying to be in moment, it’s the fact that I so easily leave the moment that’s problematic. I am always in the moment by default, there is no other, or better, moment. Thanks

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