Terrorism Has NO Religion

Photo by Irina Anastasiu from Pexels

More bloodshed in the name of God,
Than any other cause,
Blaming a particular religion is odd,
Why don’t we think and pause.

We shouldn’t be judgemental,
God thought us to be kind and gentle,
Hate can never be developmental,
We are too harsh being sentimental!

By blames and abuses we threw,
Hatred only grew,
Innocents blamed are humans too,
Humanity has bid adieu.

No religion is to blame,
No innocent should face shame,
For gruesome acts of heartless men,
Divide and rule their only aim.

When communal fights occur,
There motives are achieved,
Pulling the majority concur,
Evil is easily conceived.

Monstrous activity of handful extremist,
Should not block minds with mist,
None should spread or have hate,
Acting like those demons bait.

The demons who spread terror,
Are the bearer of sins,
Born due to God’s error,
With us falling apart they begin!

Religion is never the problem,
It’s people using to gain power.
It’s easy to do evil for them,
Standing together will surely empower!

Let’s be peaceful pigeon,
And remember who’s the villain,
Having shots of horrid vision,
Terrorism has NO Religion!

-Ava Tripathy.

Thank you for reading 😊.

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Published by Ava Tripathy

Let me introduce myself, I'm a human searching for reality without losing morality. My name is Ava, more precisely Ava Tripathy, the face behind the blog Avem. Humorist Indian by Nature and Sarcasm in Vein. Unpredictable and absolutely a philosophical one.

43 thoughts on “Terrorism Has NO Religion

  1. SMiLes At Core Religion is the Cultural Bonds We Commonly Share
    That Bind Us Together And What Humans Share Most to Bind and Bond
    With Each Other Is The Virtue Of Altruistic LoVE iN Balance

    For True One Must Be Careful

    What They Sacrifice Themselves For too

    For All that Means for What Binds And Bonds

    For Meaning And Purpose So Yes What Works

    Best Is God In Balance As Love Yes Fearless

    Away From Illusory Fears With Wisdom

    of Beauty’s Truth As that Spirals

    Back to the Cooperation of

    Love For All Yes in

    This Way A

    Religion of

    God As LoVE iN

    Peace And Harmony

    Yet True Each Human Will

    Have A View Best For Themselves

    How They View Their Religious Bonds

    And Binds in Life In Mutual Purpose and

    Meaning With Who They Consider Their

    Group That Binds And Bonds Together

    In Similar Ways As Life Becomes

    Tradition this way.. True

    Though When


    Doesn’t Satisfy

    Life Worth Living For

    Some they Break Away

    From Tradition Go Nomad And

    Start What They Consider A More

    Successful Way of Life And Religion

    That Benefits More as Lord Knows Senses

    And Feels in and For All of Us There Are So Many

    Views of Different Religions Around the Globe that

    Do Color Everything We Name Culture So Very Differently

    Terrorism Comes From Scarcity of Resources, Where Empathy

    Of Humanity Particularly in Males to Fight For Resources to the Death

    Is Erased For Basic Survival Where Fear Rules And Eventually Makes

    Festering Anger And the Force of Hate That Becomes Violent For Territorial

    Advantage in Gaining Resources And This is Where Terrorism Springs From Territorial

    Disputes for Gaining Basic Resources When Resources Become Scarce the Fear, the

    Loss of Social Roles, The Lack Of Empathy Erased From the Human Spirit, Heart, And

    Soul… All the Anger And Hate And Aggression that Comes Next Yes the Violence that

    Spreads all

    Means of

    Harm, Injury,

    Violence, Maiming

    And Death For the Perceived

    Enemy to Defeat to Achieve Territorial

    Expanse And Defense to Gain And Secure

    Resources A Nation Must Cooperate Within Its

    Borders and Outside Its Borders with Others Hand

    In Hand So Terrorism Will Not Arise Its Deadly Aim

    To Take Away Humanity in Fear And Hateful Ways

    of Violence.. True We All Must Develop a Religion

    Of Love And Religion of Peace And Harmony

    Giving And Sharing More than Taking

    And Hoarding to Put Terrorism

    To Sleep Never to Wake

    Again.. Yet This

    Is a Never


    Art For a Love Religion

    Each Of Us Must Initiate

    And Complete With Each Other

    Truly the Work Never Ends it is

    A Practice A Religious Way of Love We Must Keep

    Breathing At Greater Ease in Peace And Harmony

    of Abundance in Balance for All Yet So Many Moving

    Parts Not Only Abundance of Subsistence in Balance in

    Resources… Yet.. Additionally Social Roles that Do Provide

    Meaning and Purpose in Life… Yes My Goodness We Do have our Work

    Continuing to Be Cut Out for Us in Healing to Never Stop to Make This Work..:)

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      1. SMiLes Dear Ava
        i had to look outside
        To Make Sure it
        Is Still Day Yes
        Lovely Hearing
        From You on
        New Year’s Day
        All Peace And Love
        To All You LoVE iN


        My Pleasure
        Visiting Your



        Looking Forward

        To Being Inspired

        Again on New

        Year’s Day Night

        Your Sunshine

        Morning View

        From India

        On A

        Newer Day

        With SMiles☺️🤗🥳

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    1. A very good evening sir,
      (This msg is a reply for ur msg on my post in drafts, I don’t know why I couldn’t reply there)
      Thank you so much for showing so much concern for me it truly means a lot
      But thankfully I am doing well in life
      And because of some glitch my future post got published today, as I was not planning to publish it today, I decided to remove it.
      I will be posting it some other time
      Thank you so much
      Merry Christmas!


  2. Wow! This is so true.. it’s high time we stop this fight on which God is better or real and understand the true essence of religion – to love and be kind to one another and live in peace and harmony.

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