Mom My Sunshine!

Mother a friend so dear,
Keeps me always near,
Her love is sincere,
She blocks all my fear,
With a smile so adhere.

She is the sunshine to my day,
In my life you’ll always have a say,
Whatever it may,
Why my tantrums you weigh?
You I can never repay.

Affection for me are always on display,
Brave and strong you portray,
Mother’s love no one can explain,
Not showing her sacrifice and pain,
For me she ties her dreams with chains.

Your arms are always open,
When I need a hug,
Giving me a smoothie full mug,
Your pampering is like a drug,
I’ll stick to you like a bug!

These are some lines,
For you I pen,
Only a mom, but best of women,
Without you no loss no gain,
Every life we will meet again.

To all great moms out there,
It’s time for us to share,
You are the pillars of our life play,
I wish you all and pray,
A very Happy Mother’s Day!!!

-Ava Tripathy.

“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.”

– Mitch Albom.

P.S:- A very Happy Mother’s Day to all great and awesome moms out there!!!

Thanks For Reading 😊.

Feel free to comment and let me know what do you think about your mom and her importance in your life. I’d love to know your views😄.

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Published by Ava Tripathy

Let me introduce myself, I'm a human searching for reality without losing morality. My name is Ava, more precisely Ava Tripathy, the face behind the blog Avem. Humorist Indian by Nature and Sarcasm in Vein. Unpredictable and absolutely a philosophical one.

10 thoughts on “Mom My Sunshine!

  1. SMiLes Dear Ava on the Day my Mother Passed
    Away i Remember Feeling i Wouldn’t Mind

    Being Born Again

    To Her Forever

    too my FRiEnD

    Mother’s Birth

    Love That’s

    The Only Way i’d

    Wanna Be Born yet

    It’s True All Mother’s

    May Be Cherished And All
    Women Who Are Not Mothers

    For Gardening LoVE iN All of Us Most…

    Speaking of Passing away Fellow Blogger

    Astha From India Succumbed to Covid-19

    Not Sure If She Was one of Your Blogger

    Friends Yet She is Surely A Friend i would

    Love to


    in Every

    Lifetime too

    As You As Well With SMiLes..:)


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