Must Try Authentic Pithas From Odisha

One of the most underrated food destination in India is the State of Odisha. Odisha is a state with many authentic,unique and finger-licking delicacies which is a must try on your visit to Odisha. Today I bring before you Odisha’s most popular, tasty and unique cuisine-“PITHA” which can also be called as Odisha’s version of pancakes.

There are many varieties of this delicious delicacy-“Pitha” which are prepared during different traditional festivals in the state of Odisha. A lot of expertise, labour and effort is required to make Pitha. Here are the 10 must-try Pithas on your visit to Odisha.

1. Podo Pitha

This Pitha is compulsory and forms an integral part of Raja Parba-one of the unique festivals of Odisha. This is a variety of coconut and rice cake,mostly prepared by the process of slow cooking.Slow baking of fermented rice, black gram, grated coconut and jaggery overnight results this delicious Pitha. The name “Poda Pitha” means burnt Pitha as it’s crust is slightly burnt.

2. Arisa

A sweet pancake made with jaggery syrup, which forms a part of the most popular Pithas of Odisha. This is mainly prepared on the special occasion of Manabasa Lakshmi Puja. This Pitha is dry and hardened since it is deep fried and hence can be stored upto 2-3 weeks.

3. Chakuli Pitha

This Pitha is actually the softer version of South-Indian Plain Dosa which is made using rice flour, black gram, refined edible oil, and salt. It is commonly prepared and can be served with different side items be it mutton curry, potato curry or even with tomato ketchup which actually tastes heavenly.

4. Chitau Pitha

It is a very popular milk,coconut and rice based Pitha which never fails to impress. Mainly prepared in the Odia homes on the occasion of Chitalagi Amabasya, also known as Chitau Amabasya, a festival related to Lord Jagannath. This Pitha is extremely light and healthy, hence can be served with different side dishes. 

5. Kakara Pitha

This is one of the most popular and cherished dessert delicacy of Odisha. It is served hot or cold in most of the traditional festivals and is prepared either by using semolina or wheat flour,deep fried.Coconut fillings gives an extra bonus to this Pitha.

6. Enduri Pitha

Because of the “health benefits” this Pitha it is the most unique out of all Pithas. It is mostly prepared during Prathamashtami and Manabasa Gurubara (two important festivals of Odisha). This is prepared by steaming rice and black gram batter with coconut, cottage cheese, jaggery and black pepper, wrapped in ‘turmeric leaves’.

7. Taala Pitha

This Pitha is very unique as it is made exclusively with a fruit-Palmyra (called ‘Taala’ in Odia). It’s preparation is very similar to Kakara Pitha and the only difference is the usage of ripe Palmyra as the main ingredient in this Pitha.

8. Manda Pitha

It is a steamed Pitha which is prepared from rice flour or semolina with a rich coconut filling.It is a steamed variety of Kakara Pitha and is a great choice for health-conscious people as it is prepared by steaming only.

9. Gaintha

This extremely tasty and popular Pitha comprises of rice flour dough balls soaked in reduced cardamom flavoured milk.This Pitha is loved by all sweet-lovers and is mainly prepared during fasting.

10. Chandrakanti

It is a mouth-watering deep fried Pitha made from rice flour and green gram. It is an irresistible sweet dish with it’s origin from coastal Odisha.

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13 thoughts on “Must Try Authentic Pithas From Odisha

  1. SMiLes Dear Ava Your Ten Pitha Dishes Look Delicious
    to the Taste And So Nutritious too my FRiEnD

    The Warmth Inside

    Snacks Bring

    Is So Nice

    When The Snacks
    Are Healthy And Not
    So Sugary to Leave
    Ya Feeling Lower After
    Ya Finish the Treat my

    Favorite Summer Treat in
    Very Hot and Humid Florida

    Is Watermelon My Gosh i’ve
    Probably Consumed Enough

    Watermelons To Fill Up An Eighteen-
    Wheeler-Truck This Summer As It’s

    Really Been
    Hot And Humid
    As i Realize it is
    in the Monsoons of
    India too And i Looked

    It Up As Yes Watermelon
    Is Certainly Grown in Lush
    Fertile Grounds of India too…

    It’s Interesting in Lands of Abundance
    Folks Are More Likely to Trade Goods
    Freely With Each Other And Get Along

    (Without Tribal Wars Fighting to Death)

    So Much Better Than Lands of Scarcity
    Where Desert or Snowy Topped Mountain
    Life Will Make Life So Harsh and Subsistence
    So Hard to Find When Heat And Cold Will Kill too



    of Course…

    Sadly We Modern Humans
    Have Developed Modern Technologies
    That Separate Us From Our Humanity
    Where Human Reciprocal Social Communication

    No Longer May

    Even Feel

    Warm Enough

    For Someone to Look
    Up From Their Screen
    And Say Hello Good FRiEnD…

    True My FRiEnD Snacks Are
    So Much More than Food too..

    it’S How We Share Them That Feels Best

    Now Or Sadly May Feel Nothing At All if We
    Become More The Tools We Use Than Humanity..:)


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