10 Must Try Sweets of Odisha🍮

Have a sweet tooth? If “YES” then you must visit Odisha-a land full of authentic cultural food in India to satiate your love for pure desserts.

Indian sweets are mostly laden with ghee(clarified butter),milk solids or sugars and is high in fat and proteins which makes it difficult to consume a lot. But it’s definitely worth! Today I bring before you a list of 10 must try sweets, most popular in the eastern part of India and which are also considered as the country’s delectable and lip-smacking sweets .

1. Chhena Poda

The word “Chhena Poda” actually means roasted cottage cheese in Odia. It can be considered as Odisha’s very own cheese cake.It is considered as the favorite sweet of Lord Jagannatha and is one of the most popular sweet of Odisha. This is made with simple ingredients like Indian Cottage cheese (called “Chhena” in Odia), sugar or jaggery, rice flour or semolina, clarified butter, milk and dry fruits. The flavour is enhanced especially by the usage of ‘sal leaves’ traditionally used in Odia kitchens for baking. The modern Odia homes use parchment paper or just grease the sides of the baking pan, to prepare Chhena Poda these days.

2. Rasabali

“Rasabali” is actually an Odia version of Rasmalai. This delicacy has it’s origin from Kendrapada district in Odisha and is a must-try on your visit to this state.This popular sweet consists of deep fried, flattened brown patties of chhena (Indian cottage cheese) that are soaked in thickened, sweetened milk (rabdi).

3. Malpua

Malpua is one of the items in the Chhapana Bhoga offered to Lord Jagannath, at the Jagannath Temple in Puri. There are many varieties of this Indian desert but banana-the main ingredient in Odisha’s malpua makes it unique.It is prepared by crushing bananas, all-purpose flour, milk, green cardamoms, fennel and sugar, and then deep-frying the fritters and putting it in sugary syrups.

4. Rasgulla

With it’s mouth-melting texture and divine flavour this sweet dish is winning hearts all over the world.The best brown rasgullas are found at pahala. There was a myth regarding the origin and ownership of this sweet dish between West Bengal and Odisha-but Odia rasgullas are different from Bengal’s by colour, texture, taste, syrup content and method of manufacturing.So, this makes this sweet a must try in Odisha.

5. Khasta Khajaa

Khajaa is a crispy and cracking-worth cherishing sweet dish of Odisha. It is a traditional coastal recipe which is served to Lord Jagannath at the Jagannath temple in Puri. It can be stored in a dry place upto 2 weeks and can be enjoyed with tea as well as a dessert.These are mostly deep-fried layered fritters, soaked in sugar syrup.

6. Chhena Gaja

This sweet tastes heavenly.The ingredients are exactly the same as Rasagola, but the method of preparation is different. Chhena Gaja is a largely popular sweet-dish in the state but is not as popular in India as other chhena based sweets of Odisha.

7. Kheersagar

This dish belongs to the family of Rasmalai but the only difference is the milk base which is slighter thicker than that of Rasmalai.”Kheersagar” literally means “ocean of milk”.These are marble-sized chenna or Indian Cottage cheese balls soaked in sweetened condensed milk flavoured with saffron and cardamom.

8. Chhena Jhili

The origin of this popular chhena-based sweet is from Nimapada in Odisha. This sweet dish is soft, succulent,scrumptious and absolutely mouth-watering. The main ingredient of this sweet is chhena. This is a must-have if you are on a trip to Odisha.

9. Chuda Ghasa

This dish is made from the staple food of Odisha that is rice. Beaten rice(chuda) and scraped coconut forms the main ingredient of this extremely tasty dish which the people usually like to have in breakfast. It is an extremely healthy sweet-dish with the richness of fruits,coconut,ghee etc which is largely enjoyed by the people of Odisha.

10. Chhena Jalebi

This is the Odia form of the famous sweet-dish “Jalebi” of India.This dessert is chhena based which makes it different from the original “Jalebi”.It is prepared by rolling the dough on a flat surface to a rope(neither very thick nor thin). Then the rope is further rolled into a coil and deep-fried.

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8 thoughts on “10 Must Try Sweets of Odisha🍮

  1. SMiLes Dear Ava i’ve Had Close FRiEnDS From
    India for Over 6 Years Now Yet i’ve Never Tasted

    An Indian Dish Yet At Least As Far As i Know…
    There Used to Be an Indian Restaurant

    Here That i Always Wanted to Visit Yet
    my Wife Always Steered me to the

    Chinese Buffet Right Next to it…

    Sadly it Seemed it Closed
    And ‘They’ Bulldozed The

    Whole Restaurant Down Yes
    Really Surprising They Haven’t
    Replaced it as There Are Many

    Indian Folks i Come into Contact With
    At The Local Mall Anyway i am Always

    Interested in Tasting New Foreign Dishes

    And The Desserts You Showcase Are Really

    Much Different than Ours As Yours Are More Healthy

    And Ours are Sugar And Chocolate and the Such Truly

    Decadently Layered in Ways of Instant Gratification i Try

    to Stay Away from too Much Instant Gratification i Believe it Makes

    Us Weak i’ve Always

    Been Interested

    More in Bootcamp

    And Particularly Giving
    With No Expect of Return

    It Makes the Love Muscle Stronger

    Being Sweet When All We may Encounter

    Is Sour in Life Where Yes Instant Gratification may

    Spoil Us to the Point We Do Not Have the Strength

    Within to Generate Our Own Happiness And Have the

    Strength to Lift Others Up as they Continue to Fall and

    We Stay Above Surface Level of the Ocean of Love For All


    of Course Now..:)


  2. Sweets of West Bengal occupy a prominent place in the Indian cuisine. The sweets from this eastern part of the country are known for its rich taste and texture. Most of the sweets in West Bengal are made from ‘Chhana’ or cottage cheese. Some of the well known sweets in West Bengal are ‘Sandesh’, ‘Rosogolla’, ‘Kanchagolla’, ‘Chamcham’, ‘Kalojam’ and a lot more. Chhana-based sweets in Bengal are too numerous to enumerate in full.


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