Yummy Snacks From Odisha🌼

After completing the list of desserts and Pithas(cakes and pan-cakes ) from the land of Odisha(8th largest state of India),I personally wanted present a list of mouth-watering street-food delicacies from Odisha. The street food of Odisha has a distinct appeal. Some of them may have common counterparts in other states, but their distinct flavour and preparation makes them unique to Odisha. So,lets begin!!!

1. Dahi Vada & Aloo Dum

One of the most popular street-foods of Odisha-Dahi Vada and Aloo Dum are considered to be two separate dishes, Odisha offers a distinctive blend of the both. The taste is so authentic and delicious that every Odia craves for. Sold in every nook and corner, this tasty dish is highly recommended!!!

2. Gupchup

Gupchup is nothing but Golgappe or Pani Puri as it is called in other parts of India. This mouth-watering dish is served in the same way across India, but surprisingly Odisha’s version tastes different.It is a tangier and spicy version which will surely tickle the taste-buds of all food-lovers.

3. Special Fries

These include several delectable dishes such as piyajigulgulabaraaloo chop, mixed veg chop, etc, which are among the most popular street food in Odisha. These salty fried snacks are very popular among the Odias who prefer to consume it with hot tea. These are deep fried and served hot.It acts as a great accompaniment with beverages, especially alcohol.

4. Mudhi Mansa

Mudhi is puffed rice, and Mansa means meat. Mudhi Mansa is a classic, traditional dish that is loved by the people of Odisha. It’s goat’s meat that is marinated in oil and a whole lot of spices. The meat is then added to a gravy made with tomatoes, onions and selected spices. Served hot with crunchy Mudhi or puffed rice; garnished with chopped onions, tomatoes and fresh coriander leaves. It is an interesting combination that is quite preferred and cherished by the people of Odisha.

5. Ghuguni

Ghuguni is relished by Odias as an evening snack. The dish is truly authentic and mouth-watering. Bara is savored as a complementary dish along with ghuguni. For ghuguni, the dried peas are soaked in water for some hours before being boiled. Several spices are used while cooking the dish. Once done, the final product is garnished with raw onions to elevate the taste and fragrance.

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6 thoughts on “Yummy Snacks From Odisha🌼

  1. SMiLes Dear Ava
    my Wife Katrina Said
    Her Favorite Odisha
    Indian State Dishes


    Up By You
    Here on Your
    Blog Are 1. Dahi Vada &
    Aloo Dum and 4. Mudhi Mansa…

    They All Look Interesting to me
    As True i Am Quite The Explorer

    Of New Cuisine

    Yet Katrina

    Is A Bit


    Timid Than me
    A lot more in Most
    Stuff Life Matter of Art
    And Fact HAha As Long

    As i Stay Out of Her Kitchen

    And Say Yes Dear it’s All my
    Favorite Dish Whatever She Makes me

    Next as True She Often Surprises me with
    New Recipes my Repertoire Consists of Just

    In the


    With Smiles

    Probably Could

    Scramble An Egg

    Did it the Last Day

    I was Allowed in a

    Kitchen More Than

    32 Years Ago Indeed mY FRiEnD…

    Please Keep Serving Up New Dishes From
    All the Lovely Food Inventions From States of India..:)


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