The Phoenix Must Burn to Emerge

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“Failure is the path to success” is an old saying which most of the people out there must have heard before, but how many of them have you seen applying it and accept it with an open mind. The burning desire and hunger for success often become the reason for which failure becomes unacceptable. The most successful and popular people known to World today are subject to failure before attaining final success. Failure is going to be a part of our dreams; it’s going to be a phase in our journey of learning and progressing. People often tend to forget that throughout the history of evolution many great inventions were created base on many time failure. We need to accept and embrace it so that we can move forward and continue chasing our dreams.

Success may be the most delicious and expensive dish one has ever tried, but people often forget that it’s only tasty after one knows or have experienced the dire situation of hunger. In life Failure is the doctor and we are its patients, Failure may cause delay but it’s definitely not death, Failure may result in detour but it’s not the end, in short Failure is the greatest teacher in life. Majority of people fail even before they start because of three main reasons- having doubt in self, finding excuses and giving up without even trying. Failing gives an opportunity to learn and a chance to change into a better person. It should be considered as a learning opportunity, not a justification to quit. If Failure is considered as the Mountain of Despair, be your own stone of hope.

Photo by Gaurav Ranjitkar from Pexels

Many People believe that they have planned their life in the most amazing manner. They dream and plan ahead of time what all they shall do next once they have achieved their goals or have tasted the sweetness of the fruit called success, but they often forget to prepare themselves for the worst case scenario that is failure. Some are not prepared to deal with ‘Failure’ while some get paranoid even on the mention of the word ‘Fail’. This is one of the most common reasons of increasing rate of mental health issues in the modern time. As a human being, one of the major reasons why one fears to fail is because other people will know that you have failed. They fear of being laughed at, they fear of being abandoned from their groups, they fear to see the disappointment in the eyes of their beloved one and most importantly they fear losing themselves while going through this process called ‘Failure’. When a person is successful, nobody will notice their efforts and countless sacrifices, nobody will care about their sleepless nights and what they went through to reach where they are right now but once you fail many people notice and remember that. It somehow seems that failure is considered more public than success or at least that’s what everyone perceives it to be. This is something related to the nature of the society, they laugh off and criticize other’s failure but tend to fret and avoid their own. Even if we all want to try and change the perception of “FAILURE” in the society it’s not possible but what we can do is to learn and accept that failing is normal, failing is okay, and failing can bring us to the right path towards success. Once we understand the fact that, if we are not prepared to be wrong we will never come up with anything right- others opinion won’t matter anymore.

Failure is a part of life, so much so that no great success was ever achieved without failing. Just one thing all of us should remember- never to lose Hope, the rainbow in the sky and the beautiful butterfly are the perfect examples. At last I would like to conclude by saying don’t be scared of failing but be afraid of failing without even trying. Be the Phoenix and rise from the ashes.

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12 thoughts on “The Phoenix Must Burn to Emerge

  1. SMiLes Dear Ava Currently Celebrating
    “16,000 Miles oF Public Dancing” in

    100 Months Yet Even Though When
    i Started Doing This Joy i Was

    Occasionally Ridiculed,
    Shamed, or Even

    Attempted to
    Be Kicked Out

    Of Stores too Yet i Already

    Failed At Everything That is

    Life Long Before That And Survived
    A Deadly Synergy of 19 Disorders Including
    Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia the Worst
    Pain Known to Humankind the Suicide

    Disease For Real From Wake to Sleep
    That No Drug Would Touch at all then
    With All the Other Fresh Hell And Yes
    Spoiled Heaven then Rising Out of

    Those Ashes Basically Means



    Born on the Autism Spectrum
    Not able to Speak Until 4 Weakest
    Kid In the Aquarium Assessed as Such

    too Strange to Even Deserve to Exist It’s

    True i’ve Seen And Been The DarK it Doesn’t

    Scare me As i Understand DarK Does MaKE LiGHT

    Night Makes Day Real And Yes Hell Will Actually Make

    Heaven Come For Real After One Rises Out of Those Ashes

    On Earth Eternally Now For Real So Bring On the Ridicule and

    Shame For


    i Express
    my Human
    Freedoms For
    Anyone Who So

    Pleases As Ya Can’t Bring
    A Mountain Down Lower When
    iT iS Already Valley Higher Now..:)

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  2. The very hard part is moving through the deep valleys of failure and struggling to feel and believe that success is for us, that it’s possible and even doable! I keep cheering people on, offering little bits of encouragement to help people get through the process. We all need these reminders don’t we?!


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