This Is Life You Never Know!

In a blink of eyes,Time flies,Every step life gives us advice,We are mere puppets in guise. Some say life is easy,But living is not a small valise.Time gets hard,Still God is our lifeguard. Years have passed by,There is a reason why,Everyone born has to die,Sometimes forgetting to say bye. In a sky full of dove,TimeContinue reading “This Is Life You Never Know!”

My Ambitious Dreams

My dreams and ambitions,Not bound to any conditions,I have my own missions,Achieving will take long transitions. Being highly ambitious,Is not at all suspicious,Dreams surely not adventitious,But the path is adventurous. Life without dreams has no logic,Without them I would be manic,I consider my dreams classic,My high ambitions adds magic. I’m ambitious but not selfish,Dreams areContinue reading “My Ambitious Dreams”

Never Spoken

Branches reaching out to you,Her body blooms from every vein,She is not ferocious,But her soul is filled with pain! Her arms extended to embrace,She was not someone to chase,Give her, her own space,She will fill your life with love and grace! Same as a tree with deep roots,She is your life’s center,She feeds you withContinue reading “Never Spoken”

Selfless Service

With each drop of blood,They saved our mother nation.To save us from enemies’ flood,They are the God’s creation. Kissing forehead of their son,They left their crying wife,Fought wars one by one,Without thinking of life. They sacrificed their time,Some sacrificed their life,They are victims of war crime,We can’t pay back even afterlife! To ensure we areContinue reading “Selfless Service”

My Imaginations

Imagine the world at peace,It may when time cease,Will it cause present hopes decrease? Imagine prohibition of violence,Following the rules in silence,Doesn’t love exist in non-violence? Imagine world free of hate,You can always change your fate,Does Forgive and Forget make you great? Imagine humanity still exist,Life has it’s own twist,Who will give our sins list?Continue reading “My Imaginations”

My Counterpartsđź’“

We are friends, we belong to each others heartWe form the best counterpart,We have our share of troubles, but still nothing can tear us apart.We were born to be a team, so there is nothing which we don’t shareAll we have is love, respect, trust and careWe make a team super extraordinaire. You all areContinue reading “My Counterpartsđź’“”

The Agonizing Happening

She couldn’t walk,She couldn’t talk,All they did was fiercely stalk,She was like a prey for evil hawks.Tightly closing her sunken eyes,Nobody heard her deafening cries,Her tear stained face never dries,All around her were evil guys!Escaping she tries,Asking for some blessing in disguise,But no help came even from skies,They caught her, to her surprise!She begged andContinue reading “The Agonizing Happening”

For You A Thousand Times Over!!!

All we did was fight,But it’s now time to make things right.I know the past we cannot forget or undo,But we don’t have future to look forward to. I wish I had tried,To wipe your tears every time you cried.I promise never alone shall you be,We will surely meet again you’ll see. You wanted toContinue reading “For You A Thousand Times Over!!!”

Hope Is All We Can Do!

A virus so small,All are now its thrall,Trace of humans, not at all!Even empty roads bawl, All are locked at their home,None is allowed to roam,Migrants in form of dome,Running back to their home. Life makes everyone run,Even if one has some fun.Many can’t even buy bun,Neither at night nor under sun! People are now livid,Tear-stained facesContinue reading “Hope Is All We Can Do!”