The Blogger Recognition Award⭐.

Hey fellas, I hope that everyone is following social-distancing and using their home-stay productively. It’s the best way to stay calm and positive during such difficult time.

Now coming to the award, I want to appreciate modest28 for nominating me for the blogger recognition award. She has a wonderful blog full of motivating posts relating to life and it’s ways. If you have not visited her blog Visit her blog for inspiring and motivating thoughts about Life. Well, her writings are among my favorites.

What are the award’s rules?

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select up to fifteen bloggers you want to give this award to.
6. Comment (or ping-back) on each blog to let them know that you’ve nominated them and provide a link to the post you’ve created.

How did I start blogging?

Being an introvert I always had a secret love for writing down my thoughts on any random topic. After completing my high school, I had a lot of free time and was basically sitting idle. So, on 10th October,2019 I decided to do something new and hence started “Blogging” which was a totally new concept for me.

At first, I felt that I had joined this platform as an extension to my hobby of writing and a better way to express myself but now I feel I am completely addicted to it and loving it too much💓.

Gifts in form of Tips for New Bloggers:-

1. Never give up and lose your heart. There will be a time when you will not feel like writing anymore, but still don’t stop. You will get the fruit of your hardwork one day or other.So, try-try but never cry😄.

2. Support other bloggers in the same way as you want them to support you. Visit other blogs and show them your support by following them. Most important part, learning from others is absolutely fine but it’s not okay to plagiarize.

My nominees:-

  1. deeply shreded
  2. Dave King
  3. oishmortal
  4. Abhishek pathania
  5. Saaniasparkle
  6. Betul Erbasi
  7. Perspective girl
  8. nadiiag
  9. Kikibee
  10. mtaggartwriter

Thanks for Reading😊.

Take care everyone, stay safe and healthy😇.

Be Positive 😄.

5 Ways to keep Calm🎈

During this period of uncertainty, when the current situation is affecting the whole world in many different ways it’s very important for all of us to act as responsible citizens and not lose our composure. But during this kind of situation it’s getting easier for people to lose their calm specially people having anxiety,depression or other health problems.

Today I am going to suggest some measures which can help you to maintain your composure and state of mind during this difficult period. First,take a deep breath in and slowly out. Relax and keep calm.

1.Stay In Touch With Your Friends & Family

Remember you are not the only one who is following social-distancing or home-stay.Your friends and family are following too. There is nothing better than staying away from screens and spending quality-time with your family (you can play board games,cultivate some hobby together or even just have a deep conversation about life).Technology is a blessing.If your friends and family are away from you then you can video chat or use Skype to stay connected with them.

2.Start Limiting Your Time On Social Media.

Social Media is actually a great source of fake information and during these times it’s very important for you to avoid all kinds of negativity.Search some other kind of entertainment(maybe developing some kind of hobby or something) but start limiting your time on social media. Stay updated on what’s going around the globe through verified news but not through social media.

3.Take Care Of Yourself.

Practicing self-care is very important specially if you want to avoid any kind of negativity creeping into your mind. Learn to do yoga or any kind of exercise which can keep you both mentally and physically fit. Find some time to pamper yourself with a hot-bath or lotion etc. Remember to eat right and healthy as your safety is most important at this time.

4.Get Constructive & Creative.

If you have a lot of spare-time now-a-days,don’t be lazy to try and cultivate a new hobby or practice any existing one.Do something constructive and creative during your home-stay. This will not only keep you away from overthinking and negativity but also will help you pass your time in a good and happier way.

5. Drink Plenty Of Water & Have Proper Sleep.

This is something very necessary to follow in our day-to-day life.The basic step to maintain your composure and not lose your temper is to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated all day long and have a proper good-night sleep.An average human being should atleast sleep for 7 to 8 hrs a day and drink atleast 2.5l to 3.5l.

These are just a few ways you can practice to make yourself feel calmer during this period of uncertainty. Remember to practice social-distancing and stay at home for the safety of your friends and family. Stay safe, stay happy.

Do you have any more ways to keep calm? I’d would love to hear in the comments😄 .

Thanks for Reading😄.

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Stay Home🏡Stay Positive✨

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns,or rejoice because thorns have roses🌹

At a time like this when the world is going through a difficult period,we are following certain practices like ‘social-distancing’ or we can say ‘Stay-at-Home period’, we are actually stuck between the walls of our home.This can actually give rise to lot of negativity towards life and people can feel a lot worse if they already suffer from anxiety, depression or other health problems.Here are some ways by which we all can stay happy+positive during our home time😄.

1.Find your “ME-Time”

Everyone has a busy life be it a student or grownup.People while doing their necessary activities forget that they also need to take care of themselves.During this period when you are away from your work-life try to take a day or even a few hours/minutes out of your day/week to pamper yourself.Do anything simple which can make you and your body feel relaxed.It really helps in clearing your mind and bring some more happy and positive vibes in your life.It’s important to give time to yourself.

2.Do something constructive and keep busy

Guide your energy in doing some constructive work which make you feel happy and light.It can be a hobby like reading novel,watching movies,writing etc or doing something new which you have never tried-for a new experience. Just try not to sit idle as we know an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.Sitting idle or sleeping too much can be bad as it can make us feel lonely,depressed and actually brings negative feelings to our life in general.Hence, it is quite necessary to keep yourself busy by doing something which makes you happy in and out.

3.Practice visualization and stay in positive surroundings.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”– Buddha.

In this world,even if we try we cannot totally get away from the negativity which can simply surround us starting from a headline of a newspaper and spoil our whole day.But the thing which we can do is to read,watch or do something inspirational.This can help one to get positive visualization in life which is very important as it gives one the self-confidence to face the obstacles of life.

4.Slow down-Be Kind and connect to yourself.

Don’t panic during this difficult time and do something which can negatively affect your health and life.Take slow and deep breaths calm yourself down. Think something which can distract you from the problems and bring positive energy into you and your surroundings.

5.Give time to your family and people whom you care about.

In our work-filled busy life we actually fail to give proper time to our loved and dear one.So,this is the time which we can utilize spending with our family and loved ones at home and staying in touch with people whom we care about when we don’t have the option right now to stay around them.This can cheer you up and somehow improve your mood.

Thanks for reading😄.

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🧡Sitting Still🧡

You have a strong exterior, but a broken interior.

You feel you are complete, but you still fear of being incomplete.

You are beautiful outside, but he never saw your heart inside.

You wanted his heart, but he only wanted your body part.

You got his eyes full of lust instead of his trust.

You wanted to get some attention, but he just felt some attraction.

You expected a life full of treasury, but only got misery.

You thought he was your knight, but he only caused you plight.

You said everything is okay whenever your gut said but.

You thought he was your hero,but he is not even equal to zero.

You thought he is cool, but he made you a fool.

You loved him so dear, but still failed to keep him near.

You knew his reality will cause you casualty,so you want to let go, but your heart says no.

You are crying sitting still, waiting for him still.

Waiting for him still…….

-Ava Tripathy

Hey guys!!! Sorry for the late update😅. This is my first try to write a poem, hope that you like it😄. Thanks for reading😃.

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A new year is like a blank page in the book of our life and the pen is in our hands. It depends on us whether we write an award winning book or an ordinary book. A new year gives us an astounding chance to write a beautiful story for ourselves, so we should not waste this opportunity to make our year memorable free from negativity and other  gloomy effects of life. Well life is a grindstone, whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us so why to blame luck or others for the failures and difficulties that we come across in a year. What do you need in this New year? You need a dream; your dream needs action and your action needs right thinking, so that your dreams can become reality. Let’s promise that this year we will be more busy loving our life so that we have no time to hate, regret or fear.

I wish everyone that may the year 2020 bring a fresh start, new aspirations and inspiring successes.

This year let’s walk with grace and achieve greater heights!!!

A very Happy New Year everyone🥳🥳🥳!!!

Thank you for reading❤.

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The Toleration of She-Male💔

Finally my wait is over, I am out now to put my tiny tot feet on the terra firma of my parents small world and I have already realized in 9 months that my parent’s world revolves only and only around me. Mom you know me the best, and I think I too. I am the apple of your eyes still I know you are also concerned that I am a baby girl. When I was inside you attached to the umbilical cord we were connected so much that by the end of 9 months I understood your fears of being a girl. But see I am out to see what this life has to offer me.

I giggle when Dad holds me or helps me to burp, I smile when Mrs Sharma call me princess , I give out a toothless laugh when Ankita tickles me and the best part of my day is when you sing my favorite lullaby for me to make me sleep. I am happy Mom! But Mom I don’t think that everyone is happy with my arrival specially grandpa and grandma.The way grandma looks at me I get the feeling of being unwanted.I am just 7 months so right now I can not talk to express but mom can you tell me why are they not happy with me? Have I done something wrong or is it because I am a girl???

Wooo I can’t believe that now I am 13, which means yes I can officially call myself a teenager. Mom I used to feel ‘What is it like to be a teen?’ well now I understood this concept of “teenager” is absolutely over-hyped. This month I got my first periods and bleed for 4 days straight. It was a near death experience still I was hushed by elders to speak about it. Mom I don’t know but am I a big girl now, I am slowly having different changes in my body. I don’t know why but some boys follow me from school to home and pass vulgar comments about my body. It feels weird Mom very weird and you know what mom many girls of my class are suffering through this. I don’t feel safe in school anymore and I don’t know what I can do about it.

Guess what I am 18 today, which means mom can I call myself an adult now? I know you are concerned and worried about me all the time and I often used to get annoyed but now I understand the gravity of your concern. The truth is when I say that I can come back home safely myself at 8 pm, when I say it’s okay to make more male friends than female, when I say it’s absolutely fine if I wear short and revealing cloths, every single thing which I argue about nowadays is actually worthless because I am not myself sure that I will be safe today, tomorrow or in future. Every day when I get news about some girl getting raped or harassed, mom I fear, I fear that I should not be the next one in the news tomorrow.

Mom I thought I married my dream man that day, but who knew that my Mr.Right would be so heinous and unbearable for me. I got married to this so called gentlemen when I was 27 years old and from the very first night to this date I get harassed,abused and even raped in the middle of the night. Whenever I do anything against his wishes, he gets too violent and beats me. Everybody in the society knows that there is something called marital rape and domestic violence, people debate about it a lot but when it comes to the time of support you will not see people standing beside you. When I try to discuss these problems which are like slow poison in my life people say I am married, I should listen to my husband’s orders as it’s a duty of a good wife to make her husband sexually and mentally satisfied so basically the concept of marital rape does not exist in their eyes. Mom, I am suffering through this mental, physical and emotional torture daily and I feel sorry for myself that I am not that brave to help myself, I need to go through this because I don’t want my son to know that his father is a big monster who is slowly killing his mom.

Mom you are no more with me now and I miss you a lot. Finally, at the age of 68 laying on my deathbed, I am recalling and imaging what a girl born in my country has to go through right from the time she is born to the time she is dead. It is obviously not an encouraging scene right now for female of our country but I still have that small flame of hope inside that one day everything will be fine mom, if not today but atleast tomorrow. People need to make an effort to make this world a better place for girls. I have realized that this country has to go a long way before we sleep, a long way before we sleep.

Hey people!!! This is something pure imaginative but related to some problems out of many that females of our country go through.

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Thank you for Reading😄😄😄.

Oops!!! India’s Generation Leap💜

INDIA is not only a country but it is a very huge family of cultural and hierarchical society. Whether men or women, north Indian or south Indian, Hindu or Muslim, urban or village, rich or poor every single person leads a divergent life here. Similarly when we talk about this generation or our parents generation or our grandparents generation (specifically in India) many things have considerably changed. After-all times change and we change with them and also when water remains in one place it spoils so in short people a change was necessary but it’s also true that excess of anything is bad.

So, basically I will try to cover all the different types of generation vaults(leaps) between our three generations to which you all can connect to(not under 1 blog as fortunately or unfortunately there are too many differences😂).

1.Population a big mess.

Well, we all know about the term family planning and population explosion. But do everyone know that the main reason for population explosion is coming from our grandparents generation. There was a huge difference between a son and a daughter during that time which has obviously changed coming to our generation. Earlier, during 70s and 80s and much before that even if a family is having 4 daughters and can no more financially support any more children, they opt to have a 5th child, according to them hopefully a boy who can carry on their family’s name to further generations. Doesn’t it sound hilarious when people are complaining about population explosion as the country’s problem of overpopulation had already started during our great grand father’s time because of the partiality between male and female child. Thankfully there is not much difference between a boy and girl in this century(taking only the urban areas.)

2. Jobs opportunities and it’s ramification

There is a huge difference between our 3 generations if we compare job scope and satisfaction. Talking about job scope and requirements in 2019 for a person aged between 25-30 are :

  • 20 years of job experience by the time you reach 27.
  • Must be fluent in speaking and can deal with all types of animals(be a cat or lion), extra preference will be given to a person who can deal with snakes.
  • Must work for 18 to 19 hours with a salary of 18,000.
  • Must have contributed in the construction of Great wall of China even before you are born.
  • Must follow all orders and give efforts in completing all projects with a smile😄 even if at the end all the credit goes to your seniors or boss.

There are many more such qualifications in demand today which are too much if we compare with the golden period of our grandfathers time. The job satisfaction and opportunities are decreasing generation after generation. It is obvious that people from previous generations be it our parents or grandparents, they all were happier than us. People of 21st generation are not that happy but are more stressed because of higher expectations and competitions after-all there is no rose without a thorn.

3.Love vs Lust

Grand-people’s generation had too much restrictions and boundaries for these problems to exist even love was only possible after marriage. But today’s story is something different. I am super sorry and disappointed to say this but its true that in this younger generation those 3 beautiful words ‘I Love You’ has lost it’s true meaning and value. Like many people give more importance to sexual attraction than to the genuine feelings so they actually mistake lust for love(sharing of nudes,sexting etc are great examples of lustfulness.). Nowadays you must have seen on social media that people are writing “He is my world” or “She is my queen” but don’t you think these youngster can make their own universe or kingdom by the time they get married just an assumption. If you have true feelings for some one then why to show off. True love does exist in 21st century but it is now found much less than compared to other generations. (With no intention to hurt anyone,it’s not for all.)

4. The Tale of Marriage

“Marriage is not only a bond between 2 people and souls instead it is also a bond between two families.” This is what I guess our grandparents mean by marriage. During their time only arrange marriage existed and when someone asked about love in their marriage they say that it happens slowly and automatically after marriage. Their generation used to have so many restrictions that without knowing (not even seeing) the person they used to get married according to their parents will.

Same thing used to happen during our parents generation but there where certainly little more liberties and love marriage was too a possibility. But our generation is completely different. People are opting to date their life partner to know them well before getting married. Here, this generation provides many liberties and love\arranged marriage both are accepted in majority cases.

To be continued😊…………..

With no intention to hurt anyone.

Thank you for reading.😄

Hey You Are Precious!!!

I would much rather be a woman than a man because here in this world it is not a big issue if a woman cries or shows her emotions openly and they are also always the first to be rescued off from the sinking ships of life. Well we all know being a good actor is not easy but do everyone know that being a man is even much more harder???

I hear the phrase “man-up” used so frequently, I often wonder in what context the word “man” is being used and what it really says about how society views masculinity as a whole. It is coming over ages that being a man means accepting responsibilities in all ways. Just because of the difference that ‘HE’ is a man people are forgetting that ‘HE’ is a human too that he can also love, cry, care, scream, enjoy and can do what he wants to do.

Right from the playground to the ground of life, people are coding masculinity in a wrong way. With all these wrong ideologies people are forgetting that humanism is more important than being a male or a female. We all must have heard common phrases like “boys will be boys” or “that’s just how boys/men are.”  but don’t you think think it’s unfair to judge and think that every boy/man has to be same? They are not. Everyone is unique in their own way and people should accept that.

Men do experience problems like misandry, sexism, harassment, patriarchy, victims of violent crimes, work pressure, depression, victims of homicides, Health and family issues, relationship issues or heart breaks etc but the thing is they normally don’t come out with their problems which is killing them. Being a man is not easy as it seems to be because suffering through everything with a smile on face is not easy.

He is the father you are born from, he is the grandpa who spoils you,he is your protective brother you grow up with, he is a better secret sharing buddy and better friend than many of your female friends, he is your lover with whom you will experience the feeling of love and being loved, a husband with whom you will see your dreams come true and a son for whom you can die for. You men yes you, you people make our life complete, you are so precious.

Happy International Men’s Day to all the wonderful men out there and thank you for being the pillars of our life👨🏻👦🏻👴🏻.

Thank you for reading!!!😄😁😊

🌞The Illuminating Essence Of Life 🌞

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life.When I went to school,they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment,and I told them they didn’t understand life.” _________John Lennon

Our lives consist of two different worlds: the external world and our very own internal world. The external world is objective, because it is constituted by natural and societal laws that everyone follows and I guess sometimes forced to follow. This practical world, or the outside world in our own perspective, is where everyone lives and interacts with one another. On the contrary, our internal world is subjective, because it is constituted by our own thinking, feeling, and imagination. This subjective world is where only we ourselves are capable of entering, because we are the only ones who have access to our own mental sectors. This internal world is fun at one side and problematic at the other as it sometime leads to overthinking,anxiety,depression and other negative thinking. Absence of the actual life in our judgemental lives makes our heart grow fonder of the internal imagination world which somehow gives us a bit of happiness away from our practical world.

Change is one of the important essence of life. One should always be willing to change to be a better person. Life is too short to worry but at the same time life is too long to be haunted by mistakes. We humans somehow unintentionally have caused grief and have hurt people who are close to us sometimes we know we did and sometimes we don’t even realize. Time changes and situations too so if you did hurt someone unintentionally then better to make it up to them till they forgive you.

Well it hurts to say but it’s true that we humans are sitting on a merry go round of life. In reality, we all used to surely get amused by siting on those small model horses and cars which use to move round and round and round.That was fun right but I personally feel that the merry go round of life gives no amusement but do makes us tired and is too boring. We humans revolve around the 3 tenses of life-the fighting past, the complicated present and the still expected happy future of our imaginations.The ‘past of life’ was once upon a time the present and future of life and we people (majority) never used to give the same attention to our present at that time which now haunts our life as ‘past’.Instead of making our present worth of living, we people are in an unknown cut throat race of making our future better. Here there is a loophole which is actually funny but very true……..we humans who waste the present to make a future thinking we will enjoy life in future ,will actually struggle again to make our future bright even when the so called ‘future’ has become the ‘present’. Yaa life is way too complicated!!!……wait no we humans make it more complicated.

I literally believe in dreams and hope. It all exists actually, even if it’s in your mind it’s worth it. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares are not as real as the here and now. Believe in yourself, it may be difficult right now but all the pain and sufferance will fade away in the long run.Be happy in life no matter what happens because life is too short to worry all the time. So people learn to live and let live. The energy of the mind is the true essence of life!!!!😄

Thank you for reading.😄😊😃


“I have sometimes thought of the final cause of dogs having such short lives and I am quite satisfied it is in compassion to the human race; for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what would it be if they were to live double that time?” – Sir Walter Scott


Every story in life has to come to an end and every ending is not a happy ending, but the ending of our story was worth of all my heartache and anguishment .You came as a “no one” in my life and became my “important one”. Human attachment can be selfish but the attachment with you taught me what is it like being selfless. I am not sad that you left but I am because our journey came to an end. You left me forever leaving only your memories behind, rest assured these will always be cherished by me but how to explain myself that you are no more with me!!! Your death left a heartache which no one can heal, but your love left a memory which no one can steal.


Someday the memories of your last days will fade away, and I will think about you as you were in your happy times, in all your butt-wiggling, people-loving, face-licking, squirrel-chasing and mischief-making glory. I wish I could see you again and say how much I loved you and how important you were for me!!! I feel goodbyes are not forever and is also not the end, they simply mean I will miss you until we meet again!!! I will always miss you because you were my favorite “hello” and my hardest “goodbye”.


Hey people, if you have a pet please give him your best till the end of his life because they give you their best till their end. Tell your dog what he means to you and what you have enjoyed sharing a life with him. Do thank him for being with you and also tell him what you love about him. Dogs cannot talk but they do express their feelings so before it’s too late we humans should express how special they are. One thing I know for sure is that loving a dog is worth the pain of saying goodbye, every time it is.The happy joy, the unconditional love, the pure honesty, the spontaneous ways to make us happy, the comforting snuggle, these things make the heartache bearable. 

This was for my doggies LOTUS and BISCUIT and to all other doggies who made humans feel special in one or other way❤❤❤. Who said this I don’t know but yes it’s correct that a dog is a man’s best-friend.

Thank You for reading😄😄😄.

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