“An Introvert’s Desire For Solitude Is More Than A Preference.It Is Crucial To Our Health And Happiness.”


So basically what is an “INTROVERT” and how is it to be one???

Is it a psychological disturbance, or maybe some kind of a personality disorder? Some people think this personality as a kind of personality problem. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with this kind of people, and being introvert is not a personality disorder. It is a kind of personality, mentioned by psychologist Carl Jung, which is generated from his grand theory about personality. According to Jung, introverts are more inwardly focused, diverting their energy to perceiving the world around them and responding to the thought processes that it creates. 

This was all the bookish stuff let see the reality that introverts face day to day. Everyone knows that every cloud has a silver lining same way every personality has its own advantages and disadvantages, still we live in a world where we cannot escape from reality that modern cultures seem to favor an “Extroversion” more than an “Introversion”. We are in a world where cut throat competition exists for every single thing be it for a school admission or for some job. So, each and every person gets prepared for these upcoming competitions right from the time they are born be it school or college we are always told how to stand out from others and to do this everyone needs to be an excellent speaker and they should know how to interact with people. Here, many people underestimate introverts because they feel that they are basically quiet, reserved, shy or even unsociable. I personally don’t feel it’s true. Mistaking introversion for shyness is a common delusion.

People think that introverts are supposed to like being alone but I feel that’s not what introverts actually like. Being introvert doesn’t mean that they hate company of people its just that they only like to spend time with a bunch of people whom they are comfortable with. Basically if we want to define introverts on basis of energy we can say introverts expend energy when they are around people, and they recharge in their time alone. The reverse holds true for extroverts. These people have their own mind which works from inside and not outside. They won’t tell others about their problems and never show their emotions impetuously. They keep their problems to themselves and easily don’t share. Because of this they are misjudged or misunderstood many a times.

Introverts are not different. They also equally strive to do well in society and their workplace. They don’t need special treatment but they do need people who actually accept them as they are. People, being an introvert is not a disadvantage for you. It’s absolutely normal, you can be in your comfort zone and still do wonders.

So at last, I would like to say that being an introvert is not a crime or a personality/psychological disorder. Being an introvert is perfectly normal, there is nothing wrong in being one😄.

(With No Intention To Hurt Anyone’s Feelings.)

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“We Realize The Importance Of Our Voices Only When We Are Silenced “


We are born in a world where “HE” is a part of “SHE” still it suppresses it, where the word “MEN” is a part of “WOMEN” still it hardly helps them to rise. Well, I am not basically talking about any particular group of people but in general and about majority of people out there in the world who are causing hindrance in the growth of women in our society.

Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of men at twice its natural size. It’s not about today or past few years, women rights are being ignored from the very beginning . With such state of affairs, it would be a fallacy to dream about the goals of sustainable development and gender equality.

Any society that fails to harness the energy and creativity of it’s women is at a huge disadvantage in the modern world. Sadly, women are also playing a great role in the downfall of women empowerment. When it comes to empowerment don’t you people think that if all girls stand together then at least a small difference can be made. Women of rural areas, no actually both women of rural areas and urban areas still believe on superstitions,customs and traditions. Forget about rural areas,majority women of urban areas in today’s world are educated but they still won’t accept their daughters, sisters and other girl members to do things of their wish like their sons, brothers and other male members do. Coming to rural areas people are mainly ignorant of the changes which are slowly taking place in our society so proper awareness programs should be conducted for them. Well ,each and every women out there should understand that to bring a greater change we have to first start with a smaller change. Together We Stand Divided We Fall !!! So, women stand for each other.

Now let’s talk about some problems which many girls(Not everyone) basically of Indian society are facing…….. *If a girl is wearing shorts …..some people out there say “What type of girl is she? showing off her legs” But see if a boy wears them and moves around streets then they are said to be cool and smart. People just stop staring its simple…….and whatever a girl wants to wear they can. You are no one to judge. *If a girl chooses career over marriage then its a big issue but if a boy wants career more than marriage then it’s okay he just wants a big life for himself. Come on women do have many dreams not everyone wants to get married and have a family. *If a girl is not a virgin then society thinks them to be a slut but when a man is not virgin then he is a stud. He can showoff but for a girl she will be called characterless. why so judgmental???? *If a girl marries late then she must be having some problems but if a boy does the same then he must be setting up his career. *If a girl parties with her friends and comes home late then its not okay but when boys do it it absolutely fine, they are enjoying their life!!!!! As if girls don’t have one. *If a girl mixes more with boys then people say she may not be from a good family but for a boy people say it’s not a problem!!! This is not the end. There are many more partiality which women face day to day……. These things won’t change because it depends on the mindset of such people.

Hey girls stay as you are,you need not change yourself for others but do change to be a better person not because what society thinks but for yourself. Remember we are born to stand out so do whatever makes you happy 😄😊.

I would like to conclude by saying Women Must Have Freedom To Make Decisions Related To Their Lives, Women Deserve Respect From Everyone Because Their Lives Are Also Valuable.

(With NO Intention To Hurt Anyone’s Feelings.)

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“All That Glitters Is Not Gold”

So first of all what is RACISM???

A belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.

Well this is what we read in books and on internet today but lets talk in a general language of emotions which is actually lacking in this generation.

Problem is people in this era think they are smart and can handle everything being practical but hell no……no one can just find solution to problems by being practical. Its life and life is nothing without emotions.

Racism is basically discrimination made by some human beings who love to judge the outward appearance,caste,creed, sex etc without understanding that they are no one to judge.


Being from INDIA where three forth of  our population are dark skinned I observed something which taught me a lesson. Race is a social concept; it’s not a part of our DNA, we learn it as we grow up. Our mind is race doubter until society teaches us that not all skin colors are equal. The color of our skins are indeed determined by the sun. I’m not talking about getting tanned. Nature is unbelievable ; human skin has adapted over centuries as our early ancestors migrated across our planet.There’s a direct relation between skin color and latitude and even altitude in sense of geography. The closer to the Equator, the darker the skin of those populations  the body creates a shield to protect itself from ultraviolet rays. Still may educated people support superstitions and racism. It’s sad actually very sad that in our generation where education is at it’s peak,many people still practice racism to a great extent.


When ever I come across any ad on fairness creams or treatment whether on TV or internet, I often wonder is being dark skinned is such a big issue or is it like having fairer skin gives u more prestige???

Well the yearly sales of these products says it all……

The great profits in the marketing of these products somehow shows us the reality of today’s world. People are eagerly and impatiently using a lot of money on these products with a hope that may be they will get a shade fairer skin-tone…….but see not many people are interested in donating some amount of money in some orphanage or old age homes.

One thing I observed that people know that these treatments and stuff actually doesn’t work but still they easily get fooled by the advertisements and use there money.

No offence, but are all these efforts to get a fairer tone necessary???

These small small things gives a larger stage for racism.

Well life is a grindstone,whether it polishes us up or grinds us down depends on us.

So, I will like to conclude by saying that we all are humans so we should not forget our humanity. Racism destroys lives, we people can at least make small initiatives to stop it.