Full On Her Own💗

A woman needs to learn,That she has the fire to burn,She is worthy enough to be yearn,Not something which one can easily earn. No fault in womankind you see,But seldom they are suspicion free,Men and women are seeds of same pea,Still people love to disagree. She doesn’t need anyone to inter,To fill the empty partContinue reading “Full On Her Own💗”

Never Spoken

Branches reaching out to you,Her body blooms from every vein,She is not ferocious,But her soul is filled with pain! Her arms extended to embrace,She was not someone to chase,Give her, her own space,She will fill your life with love and grace! Same as a tree with deep roots,She is your life’s center,She feeds you withContinue reading “Never Spoken”

Her Trajectory🎀

When your family was waiting and guessing,You came to the world as a blessing. While most of the people around you wanted you to be ‘HE’, Your family was happy as you were made a proud ‘SHE’. Being a little princess,everything around you was poured with pinkSadly, these silly things were only what your parentsContinue reading “Her Trajectory🎀”


“We Realize The Importance Of Our Voices Only When We Are Silenced “ —–MALALA YOUSAFZAI We are born in a world where “HE” is a part of “SHE” still it suppresses it, where the word “MEN” is a part of “WOMEN” still it hardly helps them to rise. Well, I am not basically talking aboutContinue reading “WHEN #SHE RISES❤❤❤”