Yummy Snacks From Odisha🌼

After completing the list of desserts and Pithas(cakes and pan-cakes ) from the land of Odisha(8th largest state of India),I personally wanted present a list of mouth-watering street-food delicacies from Odisha. The street food of Odisha has a distinct appeal. Some of them may have common counterparts in other states, but their distinct flavour and preparation makesContinue reading “Yummy Snacks From Odisha🌼”

10 Must Try Sweets of Odisha🍮

Have a sweet tooth? If “YES” then you must visit Odisha-a land full of authentic cultural food in India to satiate your love for pure desserts. Indian sweets are mostly laden with ghee(clarified butter),milk solids or sugars and is high in fat and proteins which makes it difficult to consume a lot. But it’s definitelyContinue reading “10 Must Try Sweets of Odisha🍮”

Must Try Authentic Pithas From Odisha

One of the most underrated food destination in India is the State of Odisha. Odisha is a state with many authentic,unique and finger-licking delicacies which is a must try on your visit to Odisha. Today I bring before you Odisha’s most popular, tasty and unique cuisine-“PITHA” which can also be called as Odisha’s version ofContinue reading “Must Try Authentic Pithas From Odisha”