Yummy Snacks From Odisha🌼

After completing the list of desserts and Pithas(cakes and pan-cakes ) from the land of Odisha(8th largest state of India),I personally wanted present a list of mouth-watering street-food delicacies from Odisha. The street food of Odisha has a distinct appeal. Some of them may have common counterparts in other states, but their distinct flavour and preparation makesContinue reading “Yummy Snacks From Odisha🌼”

Quote a Quote 12!

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Nothing Lasts Forever

Be the candle by the window,For someone to find way back home,Making them feel safe in your shadow,Helping them run and roam. Be the sun of your own sky,To brighten your each day,Don’t cry over a guy,It’s not worth your calming ray! Control voice inside your head,Don’t give up, just fight,Life stands on piece ofContinue reading “Nothing Lasts Forever”


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