10 Must Try Sweets of Odisha🍮

Have a sweet tooth? If “YES” then you must visit Odisha-a land full of authentic cultural food in India to satiate your love for pure desserts. Indian sweets are mostly laden with ghee(clarified butter),milk solids or sugars and is high in fat and proteins which makes it difficult to consume a lot. But it’s definitelyContinue reading “10 Must Try Sweets of Odisha🍮”

Selfless Service

With each drop of blood,They saved our mother nation.To save us from enemies’ flood,They are the God’s creation. Kissing forehead of their son,They left their crying wife,Fought wars one by one,Without thinking of life. They sacrificed their time,Some sacrificed their life,They are victims of war crime,We can’t pay back even afterlife! To ensure we areContinue reading “Selfless Service”