Feeling The Beauty All Around!

Looking at the ground,Feeling the beauty all around,Putting my problems behind,I’m just relaxing my mind. Calm wind whistles past my ears,Closing eyes I let go my fears,The waves rush hitting the rock,I have no time on my clock! The trees comfort my mind,Peace is difficult to find,Birds chirping calms my soul,Helping think about my lifeContinue reading “Feeling The Beauty All Around!”

A Love Forever💓

Consider my soul and heart,Don’t judge me from the very start,It’s now difficult to stay apart,Without sadness being my part. A day without you feels like century,Without you my life has no summary,You’re one and only heart’s treasury,I’ll capture your smiles in my memory. My love is not seasonal,Loving you makes me no criminal,You’re capableContinue reading “A Love Forever💓”

This Is How It Goes!

With Monday week start,Keeping me and bed apart,Finding no joy and fun,I’m always angry with sun! Tuesday came gradually,It was horrible actually.Was irritated with sudden rain,I got wet, what a pain! Next Wednesday walk,Giving me headache not letting me talk.I was not okay with sickness,Still I won’t show meekness! Thursday came stalking,Making me feel likeContinue reading “This Is How It Goes!”

A Sight To Behold!

Nature’s first green is gold,Something which can neither be sold,Nor mere humans can control.It’s always a sight to behold,Her hardest hue to hold,Even if she is mighty and bold!She too grows weak and old,When it snows and is cold,But comes back once winter fold,Nature is precious is what told!Nature is often what we don’t see,AllContinue reading “A Sight To Behold!”

Knowledge Is Never A Waste🎊

Life has it’s own ways,It is complicated always,It teaches and transforms you,Sometimes out of blue. Simple habits and advises,Are some undervalued prizes,That can change your life,Neglecting them is rife. Learn with full devotion,Without questioning any situation,Go with the flow in motion,Or you’ll be void of emotion. Pay attention to what others say,It may come toContinue reading “Knowledge Is Never A Waste🎊”

A Life Taking Crime🎭

I don’t know why,But still I want to try,This time this torture I’ll deny,“I won’t lose”, I reply,Their actions make me terrify,I just hope I don’t die,Still, this time I’ll not cry,Oh! my my, They cause my tensions multiply,Bullying me help them satisfy,Hurting me till my tears dry,My pain makes them gratify,Why bullying they glorify?BullyingContinue reading “A Life Taking Crime🎭”

Mom My Sunshine!

Mother a friend so dear,Keeps me always near,Her love is sincere,She blocks all my fear,With a smile so adhere. She is the sunshine to my day,In my life you’ll always have a say,Whatever it may,Why my tantrums you weigh?You I can never repay. Affection for me are always on display,Brave and strong you portray,Mother’s loveContinue reading “Mom My Sunshine!”