The Lost Self

Photo by Alex Azabache from Pexels

I’m lost in the world,
Scared to death,
Problems making me whirled,
I’m holding my breath.

I’m a lost human, can’t find my way,
Lost as a girl, as a woman,
Struggling each and every day,
I want to find peace, if I can.

I’m lost in my own confusion,
Lost to humanity, lost to love.
Is it my illusion?
That I don’t feel free like a dove!

I lost my smile,
To come back it may take a while,
Lost in the crowd all alone,
Reality of life is what I’m shown.

I lost memories in mind,
Lost my family,lost my soul
Left me confined,
With a heart hole.

Lost in my own emotion,
I don’t know what to say!
Having faith is my notion,
I left my frustrations at bay.

I think I lost myself,
When I lost my hope,
But I need to make a name for self,
Even if with anxiety and stress I’ve to cope!

I lost my sleep,
In my thoughts so deep,
Blessings is what I want to receive
A lot in life I need to achieve!

-Ava Tripathy.

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Published by Ava Tripathy

Let me introduce myself, I'm a human searching for reality without losing morality. My name is Ava, more precisely Ava Tripathy, the face behind the blog Avem. Humorist Indian by Nature and Sarcasm in Vein. Unpredictable and absolutely a philosophical one.

54 thoughts on “The Lost Self

  1. SMiLes Kindest People in Life Are Often
    That Way For the Darkness They Experience
    In Their Life For the Nurture They Give Others

    As Darkness Will Surely Make Us More Sensitive

    To the Feelings of Others Understanding the Depth

    Of Grey Scale Life One May Move Into so Far

    Away From Vibrant Colors To Feel And

    Sense As Kind As You Are And

    With Such A Bright

    Smile in Your

    Photo As You Do

    So Aptly Capture The Experience

    Of Depression In Your Words as i Have

    Surely tasted the Darkness in Fact Driving

    Me to All These Words Leaving Darkness Behind

    Now For 88 Months As Art Surely Colors My Soul

    In Dance And Song Flowing Free In Fact

    i Was Just listening to a Talk On

    Healing Depression

    With Art Therapy

    So If You Do Experience

    These Challenges You are Wonderfully

    Still On A Correct Path for Healing Expressing

    Your Challenges Allowing Others to Freely Support

    You This Way Many Folks Experience Depression

    In Their College Years And Science Shows

    Your Generation Z at 18 Years-old

    Is Experiencing Stress

    And the Depression

    That Comes

    From Stress

    Greater than Any Other

    Generation Yet.. The World

    Is Surely Moving at a Fast Pace

    Yet the Art of Your Soul You Share

    With Others Does Endure And Light

    The World With Your Feelings And If these

    Are Your Challenges It is Great at Least Folks

    Are More Accepting of these Shared Challenges

    For Providing Support As Yes So Many other Folks

    Are In This Place of Challenge That You Cover So Well

    As i’ve



    All These Challenges

    In Life A Greatest Gift

    Of Life Is Change and Like

    My Mother Once Told me This too

    Will Pass i had lost my Hope And Did Not

    Believe Her Yet She Still Stood By my Side

    And It’s True When my Friends Get Depressed

    i Will always be there

    For them even

    When They Feel

    They Are Worthy

    Of No Love or Support

    in Life and Only A Burden

    To Others The Blessing of

    Darkness Indeed often What it

    Takes to be The Last Friend Standing

    For Others When They Need Most A Hand Remaining

    A Voice Of Kindness True Much of My Light Comes From

    An Original Place of Darkness Then As True Without that

    Darkness It’s Unlikely i would have ever Written At All

    Gaining an


    To Meet

    Kind and

    Creative People

    Like You All Around the

    Globe And Yes You are my

    First Generation Z Poetry Friend

    Smiles as A Public Dancer though

    I surely have Danced With Folks 4 Decades

    Younger In Generation Z Yet In Dance Rarely

    is Any Conversation Relayed Haha some

    Folks Were Surprised That i could

    Talk At All And Others Were

    Blown Away



    Fast And

    So Much That

    Came Out At Once

    With Smiles Sort of Like

    A Hurricane it seems hehe..

    i Guess


    This With SMiLes

    Yet Really it’s safe to

    Say i am a King of Pain

    Before i Become A Lover oF LiGHT

    As The Air Force Psychiatrist Who

    Took Care of me After 11 Years of

    Chronic And Acute Stress Just Tore

    Me Down to Nothing Said i was His

    Most Challenging Case Ever Through

    All the Military Combat Fatigue Cases He Saw

    But i was only A Federal Employee Always the

    One Folks Said Could Handle The Stress Best with

    A Smile on my Face But They Couldn’t See My Soul Suffocating within

    Smiles You

    Always Have

    A Friend on

    This End

    In Thick

    And Thin

    As Long as You

    Come Around on Friday

    Night As Friendship surely

    Includes No Barriers of Differences..:)

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    1. Reading this was of great help actually
      Now I really feel from heart that feeling depressed sometimes is okay and others feel it too.

      Thank you so much sir for sharing your personal experience. Helped me a lot to understand that everyone has their own bad time, and as your mother said I will always remember “this shall pass away too”

      Liked by 2 people

      1. SMiLes Ava i Sense
        You Are A High Achiever
        And A Bit of A Perfectionist

        As Haha

        In College


        3 Degrees At

        Once Anything Less

        Than An ‘A’ Felt

        Like Failure

        To Me

        Now Looking

        Back I’m Glad

        i Don’t Make




        As Now

        Hehe i Am

        Free to Achieve

        A Greater Grade


        ‘A’ And

        That my FRiEnD

        Is Balancing A Free

        Dance Floating

        On Land

        As Really


        On Water

        By Surfing

        Just Wouldn’t

        Be Challenging

        As The Waves

        Rise too Low

        Yet You See

        i really

        Don’t Plan

        It As Yes

        Now It

        Comes Naturally

        As Breath With

        Wings Always

        Evolve my


        As You May

        With Ease

        Never Stop


        As Both

        DarK And



        New and

        Even More

        Colorful Doors of Life 🍃

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  2. Ava, You write very well. There is a golden opportunity for writers in India. A competition is going on, which also has a lot of prizes. The entry fee for participating in the Fest is ₹330.
    Would you like to participate in it? If you are curious then let me know, will send you all the details.

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  3. Hehe.. SMiLes Ava.. i Am A Day EarlyYet
    i Shared This Poem With Several Old
    FRiEnDS today and i thought

    Of my New



    FRiEnD Ava

    And Youngest One too

    So i am Sharing This With You too..:)

    Poem For A Mother

    i Wrote This Poem

    For My Mother


    i Am

    Writing to You As Well☺️

    Love As A Mother
    Persevere As A Father
    Be That
    Child of
    Love Within

    All Worth


    God Flame

    Yes Love

    Never Giving

    Up On Kindling

    Breath Once Again

    Thank You Stranger

    Once Again Someone

    Inspires me Never To

    Give up on A FRiEnD

    Same my


    Did For

    me… my Father Left

    Yet i Feel Shoes

    He Could Not

    Fit And Treat

    FRiEnDS And



    As my

    Mother’s Love

    Limited only


    To Her


    Yet You See

    my Olympics is Love…

    Treat New Friends As

    Old Friends Treat Old

    Friends As New

    Friends For





    In Their

    Silence And

    Depression As

    Only Both The

    Good Father
    And Mother



    Within Will

    Yes Love Fearless For

    All Victory CarrieS on💫

    Today is My Mother’s

    Birthday Passing

    Away 3 Years Ago

    After Falling

    To Her Death

    Bed On Valentine’s

    Day in 2017

    This Gift

    This Love

    Yes This Flame

    This God No




    So Let

    Nike Sell ‘The Shoes’

    Not The Company

    The Goddess

    Of Victory

    Love Still


    Or Returning

    Now to ‘See’

    Once Again Be i Am…🎁🦋

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Glad You Enjoyed
        It Ava As i Too was
        So Inspired
        By Your
        The Best
        Legacies Parents
        Leave Are Children

        Who Are

        Not too

        Busy Or


        To Put

        People First

        Giving Becomes

        Receiving All

        Becomes Light

        Yet Life’s Challenges

        So Many Moving



        Tug At

        Taking Out

        Child HeARTS

        Away Hope

        i Will Bring

        A SMiLE

        To Your

        Face Now

        ReTired The

        Real Measure

        Of Success


        We Paint

        On Other

        Faces And

        Seeing A New

        View Of Life They

        Never Imagined Before

        And This is Why The

        Person Who


        No One

        Away Embracing

        DarK And LiGHT

        Sees in



        New Moons

        As Bright As Sun 😊💫

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  4. it felt someone expressed my feelings in words.
    what i wanted to say but was unable to find the right words.
    this is feeling of hollowness.
    Even when u r surrounded by people the feeling of loneliness that creeps on you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s actually okay to feel down sometimes in life and not be able to share it to someone.
      Life is not a bed of Roses afterall
      Glad u liked my poem
      Thank you so much!


  5. You have a natural talent to open your heart and soul to create such incredible poems Ava!! I used to live in the heart of the western most rocky mountains on the west coast of Canada. The white peaks poking through once the clouds or mists of fog disappeared were so stunning. I miss the show they put on. My heart is in my chest but my soul is still tied to those mountains.


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