Let Humanity Reflect

Photo by Matheus Viana from Pexels

God has made us all,
No one has the right to,
Make someone feel small,
And still stand tall,
Feeling happy making others fall.
It’s not our right,
To be biased to the black or white,
With this racism we invite,
Still we think it’s alright,
To be impartial slight.

Whether RICH or POOR,
Whether HINDU or MUSLIM,
Whether HE or She,
Whether STRAIGHT or GAY,
Whether VIRGIN or NOT,
Every single Soul deserves happiness and respect,
Words and actions to them affect,
No-one we should neglect,
Let humanity reflect,
Equality is what everyone expects,
Let love and peace have it’s effect.

Life only matter,
Every gift of soul matter,

Your life matter,
All human life matter,
Every animal life matter,
Even plants life matter,
In short all lives matter.

-Ava Tripathy.

“For it isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

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Published by Ava Tripathy

Let me introduce myself, I'm a human searching for reality without losing morality. My name is Ava, more precisely Ava Tripathy, the face behind the blog Avem. Humorist Indian by Nature and Sarcasm in Vein. Unpredictable and absolutely a philosophical one.

14 thoughts on “Let Humanity Reflect

  1. “Even Plant Lives Matter”

    So True Dear Ava For Plants

    Are All That Allow Any Animal

    The Ability To Breathe on Earth

    What About Soil For Without Soil

    There Are no Plants

    And Without


    of Sand

    And Sub Particles

    Beyond Human Sight

    That Make Up Grains of Sands

    For Without Sand to Stand Upon

    How Shall A Mountain of Human

    Love Be Created Within Us to

    Give and Share Most

    Caring for All




    Harm Yes including

    Those Sub-Particles

    Spiraling Around like the

    Milky Way Our Larger Home

    of God No Different All Parts

    God Whole All That is Now For Real…

    It’s True God Is A Snake Nature That Consumes

    Nature As This is the way of Existence the Parts the

    ‘Tale’ of The Snake Consume the Snake’s Head or Perhaps

    The Head of the Snake Consume the ‘Tale’ It is no Different

    As There

    is one


    of Existence

    Hehe no Wonder

    Folks Fear Snakes

    As Snake of God is All

    Consuming God this way

    All Parts Equal As Whole

    Yet True The Parts



    Each Other

    in DarK and LiGHT

    And Make What is Real

    No Dark without Light No

    Light without Dark No Pain

    Without Pleasure no Meal

    Without Food No Food Necessary
    Without Meal So the ‘List GoeS oN’

    What Makes All of Life Equal is Life

    Lives and Dies So Death And Birth Are

    Equal this Way And Existence is the Gift

    The Only Reward We Have Now This Life to

    Live The Best in Loving Giving Sharing Caring

    Most For All that is God this Way With Least Harm

    Yet of course

    This is no

    This is No

    Machine Without

    Error For Again Pain

    Makes Pleasure Possible

    Food Makes Meal Possible

    And Meal Makes Food Necessary

    So the Snake Continues to Consume

    The Snake No Matter Sacred Cow or Human

    Or Less than A Grain of Sand Spiraling like our

    Milky Way Home That Love Building Mountains of

    Care for all Loving Giving Sharing With Least Harm

    May Grow Even Taller Now Yet always A Work of Art


    A Science

    Alone as Greatest

    Loves Come From Imagination

    And Creativity Essence Beyond All

    Form Beyond All Measure including

    Infinity This Loving Imagination and

    Creativity to come ART next Yes even this

    Next Word I AM Writing Now With SMiLes…

    SMiLes Dear it’s True in the United States for what

    Many folks Name this Day Holy Saturday Easter Eve

    They Suggest A Stone Will Be Rolled Away from A Tomb

    Tomorrow And Like Each Year God Will Rise As Love From

    Death And Come Again to Light the World It is a Very Nice Metaphor

    A Very Nice Story Yet Where it goes H O R R i Bly WRONG is when All Folks Who

    Don’t Believe in the Story Are Convicted to Go to Hell and Burn Forever now that’s

    Not a Good

    Story at All

    in FAct What

    Otherwise is a Lovely

    Story Where Love Lights

    The World Becomes the Most

    Evil Story oF ALL as what even my

    Mother was Led to Believe by Her

    Christian Religion at Church is All Muslims

    And Hindus And Other Indians Who Are my

    Friends And Folks Who Do Not Believe From all

    Other Countries who Are my Friends Will Burn Forever

    In Hell



    what i Love

    My Mother Dearly


    Rest Her Soul Yet it’s

    True i was born with Namaste

    And No Castes Seeing God in All of

    Existence the Leaf the Form of Tree

    Essence That Feeds the Tree Falls

    to Feed the Soil Dead So Seeds May

    Feed And Sprout Become Living Trees again

    The Beauty of Existence Sadly Humans Don’t

    Always Create As Dreams of Love And Horribly

    Create Nightmares For Children to Sleep With all Around

    the World Like that Yet You See Again the Snake’s Tale

    Consumes The Snake’s Head it is not Always A Pretty

    Story Pain makes Pleasure And For Love To Continue to Exist

    That is a Story Each and Every Day Yes the Tale of the Snake that Otherwise

    Will Consume the Head to Give More Than Take Share More Than Hoard And

    Care More

    Than to


    Send Folks

    Who Are Different

    to Hell in Every Way

    That Dark Essence Comes

    Including Not Giving African American

    Folks Every Possible Right to Vote And

    Allowing Gay Folks to Exercise All their

    Natural Behavior and even Call it as Holy

    And Sacred As Any Other Natural Part of Life

    That Helps Balance the Nature of All that exists now

    Through Population Stresses too as this Behavior is Normal

    And Seen Through out the Rest of Nature Sadly Abortion is Part

    of Life too As Science Shows Legal or Not it continues There are

    More Humane Ways than Putting A Child in a Dumpster New Born

    To Suffocate And Suffer Starving to Death that way… And True We

    Give Our Pets More Mercy Than Folks Like My Mother Who had to

    Suffer with no Food or Drink Starving to Death for 8 Days Just to go to


    The Most

    Humane way

    P O L iT iCS

    R E L i G io N

    Science Could

    ‘Think’/Nightmare of While Pets

    Go So Peacefully More than that….

    Yes Nature of God Creates All Spectrums

    of Gender too And Humans Basically Hallucinate

    Their Realities as they Go Based on Hallucinations

    of Reality they Create Before As Neuroscience Shows now too…

    And What this Truly Means Is Culture We Create Both Personal and

    Group is indeed A Dreamtime of What We Create as Indeed Dream

    And Nightmare too As Particularly in the Case of Human The

    Tale of the





    Any Hope

    For Rationality

    of Giving Caring

    Sharing Harming Least

    With Love Most Again This

    Is Our Opportunity to Create

    A Greater Tale of Our Snake

    Where We Consume

    Our Minds


    Fear and

    Hate Least

    As Loving Snakes

    Both Our Heads and Tales

    May Come to Be Indeed Consuming

    The Rest of God Including Us All this Nature With Least Harm….
    Thing is You ‘See’ practically No one has the ‘Attention Span’ to
    Even Read A Story this Long About the Tale and Head of the
    Snake All of God Nature as is to be i am us we me them all YoU… NoW

    For it’s

    True Every
    Human is

    A Brand New

    Snake and Tale of God
    With An Original Story to Tale..

    At Least for me As Far as i feel
    And sense ‘the Stone’ is Rolled Away

    From ‘the Tomb’ And Love Breathes as me that much i for one ‘See’…

    He he Glad i didn’t Rush This Story Half-a-Sleep Last Night Dear Ava

    Thanks For Inspiring the Words This Makes Your Soul A Golden Part of my Story indeed..

    i needed to Find An Inspiring Song For This Story Just goes to Prove hehe i don’t discriminate

    as i


    A Country

    Song and

    A Woman

    All Dollied

    Up With

    A White Limousine

    A C A D i LL aC

    For What Good

    Is God/Love Without

    A Laugh and


    i Say




    Without a
    Big Joke too to Laugh Hehe..;)


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