Humanity It Is!

Watching from chaotic sidelines,Feeling it passing by,Waiting for silent signs,In the humid noon of July. I don’t know what it is,Where to find it again,It’s not only her or his,But for all a gain. I can’t let it go and live,It’s part of all I believe,Never enough one or five,A positive notion to conceive. ItsContinue reading “Humanity It Is!”

Too Far!

Money, Magic, LoveIt showed me miraculous things,Moment down moment above,Good bad all it brings. Running after gliter success,Did I get lost too far?Was I too young and reckless,So am I taking it far? Ohh my dreams Where have you been,Things are not easy as seems,All dark, feeling scared within. Feeling scared and breathless,Or am IContinue reading “Too Far!”

Magical Words from Disneyđź’ž

Long has the time gone when we used to solely enjoy our time with these magical beings sitting on the couch, with a cup of hot-chocolate on the TV. That time we surely never noticed or gave too much attention to the positivity that we used to get from these cartoons. Hence, today, I wouldContinue reading “Magical Words from Disneyđź’ž”

Solace Afterlife!

Suffering through the day and night,Full of hope giving a strong fight,Finally said goodbye next fortnight,Accepting life after death’s invite! Opening eyes to light so bright,Gave my hopes-curiosity an ignite,As surrounded by amazing sight,Thinking afterlife feels so right! Angel holding me in her arms,Ensuring God won’t do any harm,Her words were calm and warm,Much neededContinue reading “Solace Afterlife!”

Preserving Freedom!

The selfless people who serve,Making all idles believes preserve,For courage, respect they deserve,Patriotism requires lot of nerve! Fighting guarding day and night,They help making things right,Hoping for a future bright,Not letting goals out of sight! They gave a strong fight,Without glory with full might,Suffered with smile being quite,With all deadly injuries despite! To achieve freedomContinue reading “Preserving Freedom!”

Chasing Dreams (Guest Post)

What do I want? The question that sounds more like taunt! It sounds so simple, but it gives me anxiety, I’m lost and indecisive, but I blame society, Is everything I want the same as what I need? If I let myself be selfish, would the others call it greed? My desires are not confined,Continue reading “Chasing Dreams (Guest Post)”

Nothing Lasts Forever

Be the candle by the window,For someone to find way back home,Making them feel safe in your shadow,Helping them run and roam. Be the sun of your own sky,To brighten your each day,Don’t cry over a guy,It’s not worth your calming ray! Control voice inside your head,Don’t give up, just fight,Life stands on piece ofContinue reading “Nothing Lasts Forever”

The Circle of Time

Sixty seconds make a minute,Not some ordinary digit,Working to the limit,Can give success a visit. Sixty minutes make an hour,Life can be sweet or sour,But not a bed of flower,Time is not in our power. Twenty-four hours make a day,Wasting hours today,Can take your dreams away,And you won’t have any say. Thirty-one days make aContinue reading “The Circle of Time”

No-one Understands

No-one understands,And no-one will,Reason behind shaking hands,Reason behind my panic fill.I live in the present,But stuck in the past,With pressure I’m bent,Still never answer when asked.I try to explain,Tried to show my pain,They said its a game of brain,Asked if I’m sane?Making my efforts go in vain,I told them the truth,That I feel so depressed,NotContinue reading “No-one Understands”