Not Young Anymore

A time when I was ignorant and small,I used to have fun all day long,Never knew one day I’ll grow so tall,That I can’t ask Father to come along.With all my innocence and truth,Coming of old ages,Is full of tenderness and ruth,Same as turning pages of a book.Without taking a look!I’m now growing old, SoContinue reading “Not Young Anymore”

The HumGrum Brothers­čîĚ

Humble is never sad but Grumble is always mad,Humble is always happy causing Grumble to be dappy,Humble is of moral nature but Grumble forms an immoral creature,Humble is so meek, making Grumble look so weak. You two brothers from the same mother,How can you be so different from each other!!!Humble is like a dove fullContinue reading “The HumGrum Brothers­čîĚ”