For You A Thousand Times Over!!!

All we did was fight,
But it’s now time to make things right.
I know the past we cannot forget or undo,
But we don’t have future to look forward to.

I wish I had tried,
To wipe your tears every time you cried.
I promise never alone shall you be,
We will surely meet again you’ll see.

You wanted to do for me everything you did,
But I failed to do same, being a selfish kid.
You were such a hardworking and selfless fellow,
But I was a careless boy sleeping on a pillow.

Hassan I truly miss you,
Life has no bliss without you.
I still want a friend like you,
But realized no one can replace you!

I came to know late that we shared same father,
Still thank you for being a wonderful brother!
Our family couldn’t together last,
Because of the ruthless system of caste!

I still have my share of faults to accept,
Brother, for you my heart is filled with love and respect,
I hope my apology makes some effect,
Your forgiveness is something which I expect.

I’m sad that you went away without saying bye,
But It’s okay because it’s your time to fly!
And finally it’s my turn to say,
For you, a thousand times over and over again!!!

-Ava Tripathy.

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P.s:-This poem is inspired by a novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. It is one of my all time favorite books which makes me shake with different emotions every time I read,making it impossible to forget this heart wrenching story of two boys in Afghanistan during the Taliban attacks.

Amir and Hassan are best friends who grew up together and live in Kabul. They do almost everything together and one of their favorite hobbies is kite running. One day there is a local kite-fighting tournament Amir is determined to win and with the help of Hassan he is even able to achieve his goal. The victory of the tournament comes with a high price though and in the end their moment of happiness isn’t only short lived but also comes to an abrupt end. What happens after the competition destroys their lifelong friendship and shakes the foundations of their trust, the course of their lives changing as they try to deal with the repercussions of a single day. A grasping read with a devastating, masterful honest story of life crippled by a coward and cruel act of childhood. It speaks about the truth of the power of evil, political and inebriated with the power of hope like a kite.

In this book,I loved the detailed description of the Afghan culture,the writing style of the author, the powerful characters of Hassan and Baba who had values which they not only believed but acted upon for the benefit of others. For me “The Kite Runner” is a very powerful, nerve-reckoning and interesting story full of shocking twists and turns which can actually make your heart beat faster with every turning page and will make you realize the true value of life.

This poem is written from the point of view of ‘Amir’. I have tried my best to portray the heart-felt bond between Hassan and Amir through my poem without destroying the suspense of the book😉. But I have given you a short version of the story which will surely make you want to read this book!

Thanks for Reading😊.

Feel free to share your views in the comments below😊.

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223 thoughts on “For You A Thousand Times Over!!!

  1. I have not read the captioned book.
    But I admire the theme that has been portrayed through this poem.
    This is not a culture of a particular country or community, it is the basic foundation of a well humanitarian culture.
    Well done Ava.
    God bless u.

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  2. I loved The Kite Runner; it was a very memorable book. The intricate descriptions of Afghanistan, its people and its culture made me see beyond the bloody portrait painted left by the Taliban. Hosseini, and Nadia Hashimi, made me experience Afghanistan so much that I can picture it with my mind.

    Liked by 5 people

      1. Also I believe Ava Tripathy,that its bloggers duty especially the seniors who are into it now for much longer now,to read other companions blog and give encouraging comments of like,dislikes etc,if answer is yes then its fine and if its no then i could say its only a jelousy and selfishness..

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  3. When the night comes or the sky turns gray ,
    The sky showers us to grow and stay ,
    alive and happy in every way ,
    To God we sway , that every sun ray ,
    Would shine again and clear the clouds away ,
    So you could see to never get astray ,
    Divinity gets us to pay ,
    attention that everything we get through ,
    has a silver lining every night
    and day …
    You say good morning ,
    “Tommorow is another day ” for a melody to play …

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  4. Fabulous! Forgive if I say more than anything, but when we like something, then it is necessary to speak something in its praise, is it not?😊😉
    I found this amazing, unique, incomparable creation. Such a good poem about two friends 👏👌

    Liked by 2 people

  5. If I be honest, this poem made me emotional. That friend of mine who has gone away from me, he remembered it again in my mind. As if the last eight petitions of this poem went down in the heart. Truly the depth of this poem is so much that I was passionate while reading.
    While reading this it seemed as if I am traveling in a well without any foothills and I have this poem with me and my friend’s memories.

    Liked by 2 people

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