A Sight To Behold!

Nature’s first green is gold,Something which can neither be sold,Nor mere humans can control.It’s always a sight to behold,Her hardest hue to hold,Even if she is mighty and bold!She too grows weak and old,When it snows and is cold,But comes back once winter fold,Nature is precious is what told!Nature is often what we don’t see,AllContinue reading “A Sight To Behold!”

Knowledge Is Never A Waste🎊

Life has it’s own ways,It is complicated always,It teaches and transforms you,Sometimes out of blue. Simple habits and advises,Are some undervalued prizes,That can change your life,Neglecting them is rife. Learn with full devotion,Without questioning any situation,Go with the flow in motion,Or you’ll be void of emotion. Pay attention to what others say,It may come toContinue reading “Knowledge Is Never A Waste🎊”

A Life Taking Crime🎭

I don’t know why,But still I want to try,This time this torture I’ll deny,“I won’t lose”, I reply,Their actions make me terrify,I just hope I don’t die,Still, this time I’ll not cry,Oh! my my, They cause my tensions multiply,Bullying me help them satisfy,Hurting me till my tears dry,My pain makes them gratify,Why bullying they glorify?BullyingContinue reading “A Life Taking Crime🎭”

Mom My Sunshine!

Mother a friend so dear,Keeps me always near,Her love is sincere,She blocks all my fear,With a smile so adhere. She is the sunshine to my day,In my life you’ll always have a say,Whatever it may,Why my tantrums you weigh?You I can never repay. Affection for me are always on display,Brave and strong you portray,Mother’s loveContinue reading “Mom My Sunshine!”

It’s Smart And I’m Not!

I got a call on my phone,“Hello!” adjusting my tone,Mom told, “Fraud you’re prone!”She wants my phone thrown,For her I’m a child, not grown. Surely my phone is smart,I’m not, I think from heart.It eased my life, from very start,Still phone can never be my part,This phone can break family-apart. Internet shows all I wantContinue reading “It’s Smart And I’m Not!”

I’m Happy As I Am!

I may struggle,But I’ll let no one see me fall,Even if I’m weak I’m unstoppable,I will always stand tall. I’m unwilling to break,Being different is not a mistake,Myself I cannot fake,It’s just not my piece of cake! It’s time to consider my own emotions,Over the worthless commotions,Of following common notions,Like swamp of fishes in theContinue reading “I’m Happy As I Am!”

Let Humanity Reflect

God has made us all,No one has the right to,Make someone feel small,And still stand tall,Feeling happy making others fall.It’s not our right,To be biased to the black or white,With this racism we invite,Still we think it’s alright,To be impartial slight. Whether RICH or POOR, Whether EMPLOYED or UNEMPLOYED,Whether HINDU or MUSLIM,Whether BRAHMIN or DALIT,WhetherContinue reading “Let Humanity Reflect”

Underlying Strength Of NATURE💜

You are life,A string of light,If agitated can cause strife,If content can make everyday bright. You are star as well as moon,Tearing darkness apart,Making us your beautiful part,You are a lifetime boon. You are the sun,With you life begins,You are the remedy for pain or there is none.You have the heart to wash all ourContinue reading “Underlying Strength Of NATURE💜”

Oh Dear Sleep😴!!!

Dear Sleep, Weary with toil,When I grace my bed,Affecting my health,You don’t come easily to me,Same as a poor man’s wealth,And a prisoner’s release.You are such a tease!Finding you is elusive,You are so exclusive,That when you come it seems delusive. You have a peaceful savour,But you don’t work in my favor,I thought I was muchContinue reading “Oh Dear Sleep😴!!!”

Full On Her Own💗

A woman needs to learn,That she has the fire to burn,She is worthy enough to be yearn,Not something which one can easily earn. No fault in womankind you see,But seldom they are suspicion free,Men and women are seeds of same pea,Still people love to disagree. She doesn’t need anyone to inter,To fill the empty partContinue reading “Full On Her Own💗”