Quote a Quote 15!

Ps:- These are my self-written quotes which are also available on my Insta Page “Poetic Life”. Follow and share my Insta Page for more relatable quotes. Thanks for Reading😊. Feel free to share your ideas about the philosophy of life in the comment section, I’d love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this post,Continue reading “Quote a Quote 15!”

Humanity It Is!

Watching from chaotic sidelines,Feeling it passing by,Waiting for silent signs,In the humid noon of July. I don’t know what it is,Where to find it again,It’s not only her or his,But for all a gain. I can’t let it go and live,It’s part of all I believe,Never enough one or five,A positive notion to conceive. ItsContinue reading “Humanity It Is!”

The Phoenix Must Burn to Emerge

“Failure is the path to success” is an old saying which most of the people out there must have heard before, but how many of them have you seen applying it and accept it with an open mind. The burning desire and hunger for success often become the reason for which failure becomes unacceptable. TheContinue reading “The Phoenix Must Burn to Emerge”

Solace Afterlife!

Suffering through the day and night,Full of hope giving a strong fight,Finally said goodbye next fortnight,Accepting life after death’s invite! Opening eyes to light so bright,Gave my hopes-curiosity an ignite,As surrounded by amazing sight,Thinking afterlife feels so right! Angel holding me in her arms,Ensuring God won’t do any harm,Her words were calm and warm,Much neededContinue reading “Solace Afterlife!”

Preserving Freedom!

The selfless people who serve,Making all idles believes preserve,For courage, respect they deserve,Patriotism requires lot of nerve! Fighting guarding day and night,They help making things right,Hoping for a future bright,Not letting goals out of sight! They gave a strong fight,Without glory with full might,Suffered with smile being quite,With all deadly injuries despite! To achieve freedomContinue reading “Preserving Freedom!”

Nothing Lasts Forever

Be the candle by the window,For someone to find way back home,Making them feel safe in your shadow,Helping them run and roam. Be the sun of your own sky,To brighten your each day,Don’t cry over a guy,It’s not worth your calming ray! Control voice inside your head,Don’t give up, just fight,Life stands on piece ofContinue reading “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Quotes For a Day Full of Inspiration🎊

Staying at home for a really long time, when the whole world is suffering through this very difficult situation can easily make one feel more negative and this increases if you already suffer from anxiety,depression or any other health problems.Today I am here, to boost you up with some Inspirational quotes🎀. We should always rememberContinue reading “Quotes For a Day Full of Inspiration🎊”

Its Time You Know

Its time you know, To let your gloom go, To let free winds blow, To let hope seeds sow. Its time you know, To let future flow, To let present glow, To let past go. Its time you know, To let efforts grow, To let worries slow, To let shadows go. Its time you know,Continue reading “Its Time You Know”

Life as a Cake!

How I was born I don’t know,May or maynot be difficult though,I remember being a soft dough,Transferred to tray as I grow,Just going with the flow. They put me in the oven to bake,Feeling bubbles of heat I wake,Suddenly my body started to ache,Realised I’m a deprived horrible cake,Still won’t stop for my sake. OpeningContinue reading “Life as a Cake!”