A Letter To The Monster🎭

Dear Anger, I don’t know why you love me so much,My soul hates when you touch.Why don’t you leave me alone,Words by you hurts more than breaking bone.You make me feel wrong,Whenever you say you will make me strong.My mind is not where you belong,You need to end like a song. With you comes frustrationContinue reading “A Letter To The Monster🎭”

Our Father Our Hero!

Only a father a dad,But he gives his all,Not letting us fall,Making a smooth way,For his children small. He struggles for us,Each and every day,To support us in everyway,Pushing his frustrations all away,He has no complains to say. Fathers are so important,It’s true just not a gossip or rife,They stand with us all our life,EvenContinue reading “Our Father Our Hero!”

Unrequited Love💓

In your face,I find myself.Through your eyes,I see myself.I only have you in my heart and mind,That dreams don’t even get a place!I began to change,The day I felt for you,With each passing second,I find myself closer to you.How I don’t know,My heart started moving towards you.With you by my side,Relief comes to my heart.WithContinue reading “Unrequited Love💓”

Her Trajectory🎀

When your family was waiting and guessing,You came to the world as a blessing. While most of the people around you wanted you to be ‘HE’, Your family was happy as you were made a proud ‘SHE’. Being a little princess,everything around you was poured with pinkSadly, these silly things were only what your parentsContinue reading “Her Trajectory🎀”

Patient NATURE’S Fury🧡

No one is more tolerant than Mother NATURE,She is the one who helps us nurture,She is the background of every picture,But we are some heartless creature. Her body is slowly dying,With the flowers in her hair drying,Sky releases thunderous crying,She caught us all lying. We make her feel so dirty,With us she is all sweetContinue reading “Patient NATURE’S Fury🧡”

The HumGrum Brothers🌷

Humble is never sad but Grumble is always mad,Humble is always happy causing Grumble to be dappy,Humble is of moral nature but Grumble forms an immoral creature,Humble is so meek, making Grumble look so weak. You two brothers from the same mother,How can you be so different from each other!!!Humble is like a dove fullContinue reading “The HumGrum Brothers🌷”

Dream A Dream🌸

Hold on to your dreams very tight,Use all your might,So that they stay within your sight,And work as light to make your life bright. Let your dreams creep,Into your soul deep,Or someone else will make your dreams sweep,And then you will only weep! Life without dreams is like a barren field,Everything frozen with snowAnd peopleContinue reading “Dream A Dream🌸”

🧡Sitting Still🧡

You have a strong exterior, but a broken interior. You feel you are complete, but you still fear of being incomplete. You are beautiful outside, but he never saw your heart inside. You wanted his heart, but he only wanted your body part. You got his eyes full of lust instead of his trust. YouContinue reading “🧡Sitting Still🧡”