7 Ways to Keep Your Frustration At Bay!

Often when people are stressed they feel more frustrated and emotionally exhausted. The only problem because of which our frustration affects us so much is that it’s not always easy to be positive and some circumstances make it more of a challenge than others.It’s absolutely normal to be angry and have frustration but it’s not okayContinue reading “7 Ways to Keep Your Frustration At Bay!”

A Letter To The MonsteršŸŽ­

Dear Anger, I don’t know why you love me so much,My soul hates when you touch.Why don’t you leave me alone,Words by you hurts more than breaking bone.You make me feel wrong,Whenever you say you will make me strong.My mind is not where you belong,You need to end like a song. With you comes frustrationContinue reading “A Letter To The MonsteršŸŽ­”